Saturday, June 30, 2007

Salmon....the other pink meat!

so it is official I got the laptop,whitch brings me joy. As compared to my old dinosaur of a computer it only took a couple of seconds versus 10min to open this window...Nice!
Although I am not used to it,getting it all configured and set up...I feel like im typing like a gimp Anyhoo in other exiting news I have a friend who thinks it is a good idea to go swim with sharks. Today is the day she's gonna do that so I hope she makes it out with all 4 limbs to call me a candy ass!
In other not so exiting news ,got drunk last night this could be the reason for my gimp typing, I just stayed home and BBQ with a couple of buddy's , more people came over and you never know when a party is going to break out ...... one did till 4am. It was a sausage party minus my buddy's girlfriend but I had fun.
I am on vacation this week or staycation more like it........ bbq and beer all week long ohhh ya!
Blog like it's hot!

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