Friday, June 22, 2007

When The Lights Come On, This Whole Place Gets Ugly.

One word for ya "meh">>> That's about all Im thinkin today. Not really but here's the deal

Contraversy creates publicity , publicity gets my blog read, but too much contaversy makes people uncomfortable. I have a habit of always taking it too far, then peoples views of sweet nice Sean all of a sudden change. Hence the word "meh"

In other news Matt Good's new album is getting realeased July 31 and his new single Born Losers is currently getting radio play. I like the tune , the best line in the song is
"what doesn't kill us now, just makes us better whores" I guess ya gotta hear the song. top right side there is a link. It is definetly a shot at his ex wife who deserves it, reminds me of a story we wont get into.
I think when I start dating someone seriously again unless she's a blogger already(this might be starting to become a prerequisite) I'm not going to give her this blog addy, not at all trying to hide anything but concidre it "me" time. It's fuckin better then my space/facebook/msn you get the picture.
I'm having an Issue with mixing of the worlds ....let me explain but before I do I must tell ya'all the whole concept of mixing worlds came from George on Sienfeld
Ok I have a bar/watering hole I like to frequent If I go out on a date I try my hardest not to take her there. I take her somewhere else, anywhere else, unless she asks to go I don't say nothin about my watering hole. >>Example you date someone for three weeks you figure out it is not working between ya you go your own ways then....then all of a sudden I go to the place I been going for years and BAM ! She's drinkin at my watering hole , do ya see where I'm going with this?
Shifting gears here.... I missed a Toga party.......there's a dam good idea booze and bedsheets what could possibly go wrong??
Have a good weekend!

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Teri said...

hey... i have to tell ya, for all the toga parties i've been to, there's never been a bad one. so, you probably missed a really good time. :) in other news, what's this incredible wateringhole you're bragging about..?