Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's Always Drinks And Dancing

Some days I'm out and about and I see stuff where I wish I had my camera...
Some examples are the "Human School" on the 4th floor and some crazy 2 person statue I saw today on my way to Costco.
Koreans go to the restaurant in Costco and get plates of white onions all cut up, eat them with ketchup and mustard.....Is that weird? I had a hot dog and a pop. When I was dressing my hot dog with mustard and a few onions I got bowled over my a crazy old lady who just had to get her plate 'o' onions! Dam I wish I had my camera :(

Currently we live in Sunae it's on the yellow line Were moving north to Ssangmun on the light blue line near the top of the map...or really fuckin far to make it simple!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Is Our Story, Stick To It!

So as you may or may not know it's near the end of January. January 24th to be exact! We got on the bus yesterday to come home from looking at our new place this is what we saw! One would figure they would have taken the decorations down, although the bus was decked out and looked nice I think someone should have put a calender up.

This is funny because the on the left is a fire "chicken feet" restaraunt remember the fire chicken from long ago well I guess they make the feet into spicy food too.
The one on the right, is a foot massage place....can ya see where i'm goin with this?

Some views from our new neighbourhood. This is the mountain I climbed, which happens to be at my doorstep when we move, Round 2??? not sure about that LOL

North Korea is that way, I don't know how far that way but it's that way!

So incase of fire I'm supposed to grab the rope supplied in box below and tie it to this
and spiderman out the window... I wonder who bolted the hanger to the wall?
For day's when Korea gets to me I can just go to the second floor for a visit!

This sign is on the way to our new place....Do ya think it's far? LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Can't really say I have been good at coming here. I don't know why it just slips my mind more often then not.
Korea is OK same old shiznit, pizza and beer.
I have been spending lots of time on ITunes lately getting free shit for the new touch! Lots of cool podcasts
including one called Risk, witch has made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion! People at the gym must think we white folks are nuts!
Speaking of crazies the other day on the subway I had the joy of sharing my 2.1 square feet with a dude who looked normal (by Korean standards)he was dressed fine, hair combed and had a man purse. Out of the blue he started making cartoon voices at everyone in the car except for me not sure why he avoided me but, the girl in front of me, to the left of him did not find this as amusing as I did. She moved as much as she could away from boy wonder!
It was disturbing and funny at the same time! We rolled into the next station (my stop) he was now making voices to the people waiting for the train on the other side of the door window LOL the train rolled in to a stop, I got off and so did he I followed him up many many stairs and he was still blurtin stuff out in a high pitch voice! Freakin Hilarious....... I wonder if he thought he was a cartoon toaster?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forty Creek

Holy shit it has been awhile since I been here....Whirlwind of a trip home to Canada. I must admit it was a productive trip home that I'm glad I took. I am jetlaged still 3 days after getting back but I'm catching up!
I spent a total of 54 hours travelling to and from home, that's more time in two trips than some people work in two weeks!
Got rid of my fantastic tenant and spruced the place up via a paintbrush for someone who is not an idiot to rent real soon. I must admit I'm not in a rush to rent it out till I find someone "suitable" for the place. Being a landlord can be great, also it can be the biggest god dam nightmare of your home ownership! Can't wait for that hydro bill!
Korea is just how I left it although it is a little colder these days the foods still great and I still can't understand much of the talk around me. I bought another ipid when I was home thought it would help me with many things including making myself deaf.
I'm back at the gym, in effort to lose the Christmas weight, but what do you expect from prime rib dinners, turkey dinners, lobster dinners, chicken wings and lots of beverages for 22 days?? well 4kg to the plus side be exact.....
Don't get me wrong I had a great time spending my days working on the house and my nights visiting friends and family I'm just sweating it out now that's all. LOL