Saturday, January 23, 2010

This Is Our Story, Stick To It!

So as you may or may not know it's near the end of January. January 24th to be exact! We got on the bus yesterday to come home from looking at our new place this is what we saw! One would figure they would have taken the decorations down, although the bus was decked out and looked nice I think someone should have put a calender up.

This is funny because the on the left is a fire "chicken feet" restaraunt remember the fire chicken from long ago well I guess they make the feet into spicy food too.
The one on the right, is a foot massage place....can ya see where i'm goin with this?

Some views from our new neighbourhood. This is the mountain I climbed, which happens to be at my doorstep when we move, Round 2??? not sure about that LOL

North Korea is that way, I don't know how far that way but it's that way!

So incase of fire I'm supposed to grab the rope supplied in box below and tie it to this
and spiderman out the window... I wonder who bolted the hanger to the wall?
For day's when Korea gets to me I can just go to the second floor for a visit!

This sign is on the way to our new place....Do ya think it's far? LOL

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