Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forty Creek

Holy shit it has been awhile since I been here....Whirlwind of a trip home to Canada. I must admit it was a productive trip home that I'm glad I took. I am jetlaged still 3 days after getting back but I'm catching up!
I spent a total of 54 hours travelling to and from home, that's more time in two trips than some people work in two weeks!
Got rid of my fantastic tenant and spruced the place up via a paintbrush for someone who is not an idiot to rent real soon. I must admit I'm not in a rush to rent it out till I find someone "suitable" for the place. Being a landlord can be great, also it can be the biggest god dam nightmare of your home ownership! Can't wait for that hydro bill!
Korea is just how I left it although it is a little colder these days the foods still great and I still can't understand much of the talk around me. I bought another ipid when I was home thought it would help me with many things including making myself deaf.
I'm back at the gym, in effort to lose the Christmas weight, but what do you expect from prime rib dinners, turkey dinners, lobster dinners, chicken wings and lots of beverages for 22 days?? well 4kg to the plus side be exact.....
Don't get me wrong I had a great time spending my days working on the house and my nights visiting friends and family I'm just sweating it out now that's all. LOL


olglifer said...

hey goldie u buy shit without knowing what yer getting and u lose thousands jeep house i see a pattern here learn from yer mistakes hope to catch u in aug buddy

The Man said...

Well I must admit I did lose quite a bit on the jeep...The house has done nothing but make me money, so there is no loss there! Another thing is it would be great if I knew who you were? OLG lifer there is lots of those I was just lucky to get out!