Thursday, January 28, 2010

There's Always Drinks And Dancing

Some days I'm out and about and I see stuff where I wish I had my camera...
Some examples are the "Human School" on the 4th floor and some crazy 2 person statue I saw today on my way to Costco.
Koreans go to the restaurant in Costco and get plates of white onions all cut up, eat them with ketchup and mustard.....Is that weird? I had a hot dog and a pop. When I was dressing my hot dog with mustard and a few onions I got bowled over my a crazy old lady who just had to get her plate 'o' onions! Dam I wish I had my camera :(

Currently we live in Sunae it's on the yellow line Were moving north to Ssangmun on the light blue line near the top of the map...or really fuckin far to make it simple!

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