Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This Post Almost Did Not Have A Title......

Home of the Gypsy fish

Through the Ontario Bush in search of The Gypsy Fish, Although the mysterious Gypsy Fish was nowhere to be found It was a good day!
Steelhead fishing ......notice the Trout by the rock!
In the pic below Paul's busy!

I saw a GHOST! never going there again!

Monday, May 28, 2007

NoOne's Interested In Something You Didn't Do....

OK I admit I'm good when it comes to blogging! I mean I can cut the mustard, bullshit about nothing for hours but my friends........ these folks know where it's at on the blogometer!
This girl is Awesome!
This guy is Awesome!
This girl is Awesome!
This post all started when I was thinking of the Awesome things I do all day at work.Reading these peoples blogs is a definite part of a awesome day! Maybe even better then facebook....god dam facebook ! I thought about starting a "group" on facebook called Help "Sean find a nice girl"
so far i got a ......."good luck with that" LOL but it would be funny to see what the peeps do......
You know where I come from Blogging is cool and Facebook is not so cool. On the three links up there ya'all should take a read and maybe start a blog to call your own..... you too can fit in with us cool people!
Took some pics for your viewing pleasure on the weekend, if all goes well I will post em tonight on my dinosaur of a computer.
Now go read a blog bitches!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It Ain't Traning Unless it's Raining!

The body is Sore .....really sore That's the double truth Ruth!
Dragon Boat practice was in full effect. We had a new lady coaching us last night , she threw in a couple of different pieces, routines and my oblique muscles are especially sore, and the rest of my body is tender .....No Pain No Gain! or as the guy was yelling from the comfort and safety of the boathouse...." It ain't training unless it's raining"
In other news it seems as though the corporation I work for is in the news again , this time for a 44 month investigation which led to the arrest of 15 people for scamming 2 million dollars!
I say good for them, If it was not them it would have been someone else and in Canada, It's a hard life being poor!
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

She said your gonna miss me just wait and you'll see....

So my lawn mower is a bitch....Everytime you go to start it there is some kinda drama like it smokes and chokes and smokes some more until it starts, stalls alot or just refuses to run altogether. Yesterday I finished doing the trimming with the weed eater. I was preparing myself to spend an hour fucking around trying to get the mower started so.... I go to the shed gas er up and prime it ........1 pull and the bitch started( that's right ONE pull) I think to myself holy shit this can't be .The lawn got cut and I have a new outlook on my lawnmower so far this year.

In other news My favorite quote of all time is ........."Think Fast Hippie"

Baba Ghanoush is also something I like the sound of......

Snack on that bitches!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Everyone's Bitch!

Well I have a friend at work and his nickname, or more common name is "EB" or you guessed it Everyone's bitch! I call him that because he likes it! No seriously I call him that because he does everyone Else's work except his......A departmental floater if you wish...
I have been using/ liking the word bitch in all it's greatness alot lately I'm sure it is a passing fad.
I know the blogging has been slow lately ........I blame Facebook and the fact I have to actually work while Im at work being a short week and all......

In other news Thunder Bay had the lowest gas price in Canada today.....woooopty shit is what I say It was $1.30 l on the weekend ....now were supposed to be fuckin happy that it is $1.08 l
Fuck Off I say! bunch of gougers

I have a line on a laptop......hopefully getting it June 1st then the blogging will take off! My computer is the shitz at home, I have a bunch of pics on my camera to show but they would probably frown on me loading pics at work......
Gotta run there is people waiting for me here at work just thought I would do a quick post for the diehards

Friday, May 18, 2007

Hunny Are Ya Mad At Yer Man???

Any one wanna bring an extra 200 pound fishing with them this weekend, Gimme a call! well I am actually broke ass, otherwise I would have planned a fishing trip to call my own!

Ok if your not going fishin and you want to donate some cash for the cause buy a tshirt from t shirt hell ......I get cash.....you get a shirt!

In other news I may join a rock climbing group they meet on wed nights. I went this wed and it was tonnes of fun outta the sun!

Have a good long weekend folks and be good!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Get In, Shut Up And Hang On!

One Day!
One day when I'm rich and famous I will own one of these boats. I figure we live next to the largest freshwater lake in the world, so I mise well use it.
I can see you drooling.............. I know I am!
That's a little more on How I roll bitches!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Night Driver.....

Yahoo the practice went well , however I am sore today witch is to be expected due to the fact I'm outta shape. It was super windy on the lake so paddling was difficult , yes you do get wet it is a water sport.

That's all I got for ya today .......Have a good weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

You keep running for another place to find that saving grace.......don't ya baby!

Ever wonder

One day your gonna be sixty years old and you look back at your life in regret that you did not do anything with it. I guess it depends what you want to do,what you like or what you financially capable of doing. Don't forget the fact that people including myself get in a comfortable day to day routine.(work, nap ,home life ,ect) I was just wondering if I am missing something in life by being in that comfortable routine, I guess that's a question for me to answer.

One day were gonna be old I personally don't want to regret the life I lived thus far. I go to work everyday not because I like my job, I do like my job but there is no challenge in it and I'm getting bored. I like the people at work, i like the hours and the pay but I need something that's not there.
That's what I was thinking today.....Time to take out the frustrations on the dragon boat tonight first practice.......I'm gonna be hurtin tomorrow thanks to partying all winter.

paddles up!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

That's How I Roll Bitches!

Man I been swearing alot lately it is all due to lack of adjectives...or turrets not sure.
OK So the cinco de mayo party went longer then planned hence the 3 day lull in blogging
I have added a friend of mine's link to the blog roll She's an artist , she's awesome and it is worth a look so check it out >>>>>>>>>
We have a off site warehouse for work it is called the Kelly building I have spent the last 2 1/2 days running stuff back and forth from there to here and from here to there Just call me the Kelly's Bitch! I guess it is good work out and lord knows I need it
Went rollerblading on the weekend and I am out of shape...... really out of shape so If I die during tomorrow nights first Dragon Boat practice does anyone want to take over this blog?
I may have a guest writer do a post anyway if I make it through practice......

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Noche's Callente

So the phone rings........

what's going on?
nothing you
you know what today is?
it's cinco de mayo
ya it's Saturday
Yes it is also The Mexican holiday
OK so what are you gonna do then?
lets get some Corona's, a bunch of taco's , a bottle of tequila and a big bag of ditch weed!
OK bring a sombrero and your maracas and you got a deal
Si senior.
you coming over?
Si senior be there soon.
OK bye.


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Ahh the good old days fishing, beers and coolness (talking about the driver of course)
The guy in the front is about to spill his beer, break a fishing rod and swear ALOT!
That's why I drive the boat.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I'm flying under the radar today.........you could look into buying a tshirt from tshirt hell that would be fun!
Notice yesterdays post only had 1 comment......just sayin

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

****Insert Survivor theme song here***

Whew I made it to my office to do this post! You know working at a place with 500 employees is tough it is also like living the reality show Survivor right in your face for 5 days a week. You got people freaking out and whining all the time, You got people making alliances with others, don't forget about the backstabbers, gossipers and dawgfuckers. The rumour mill is also hard at work on this island, better watch what you say in the morning cause in the afternoon it has been totally manipulated into something different.

just something I was thinking about.........