Thursday, May 24, 2007

She said your gonna miss me just wait and you'll see....

So my lawn mower is a bitch....Everytime you go to start it there is some kinda drama like it smokes and chokes and smokes some more until it starts, stalls alot or just refuses to run altogether. Yesterday I finished doing the trimming with the weed eater. I was preparing myself to spend an hour fucking around trying to get the mower started so.... I go to the shed gas er up and prime it ........1 pull and the bitch started( that's right ONE pull) I think to myself holy shit this can't be .The lawn got cut and I have a new outlook on my lawnmower so far this year.

In other news My favorite quote of all time is ........."Think Fast Hippie"

Baba Ghanoush is also something I like the sound of......

Snack on that bitches!

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Teri said...

hey--you always use Hip lyrics as your blog titles, eh?
I used to use Led Zeppelin lyrics.
we're the only cool people in the world, i hope you know.
thanks for putting up my link.
gonna do yours too.