Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Everyone's Bitch!

Well I have a friend at work and his nickname, or more common name is "EB" or you guessed it Everyone's bitch! I call him that because he likes it! No seriously I call him that because he does everyone Else's work except his......A departmental floater if you wish...
I have been using/ liking the word bitch in all it's greatness alot lately I'm sure it is a passing fad.
I know the blogging has been slow lately ........I blame Facebook and the fact I have to actually work while Im at work being a short week and all......

In other news Thunder Bay had the lowest gas price in Canada today.....woooopty shit is what I say It was $1.30 l on the weekend were supposed to be fuckin happy that it is $1.08 l
Fuck Off I say! bunch of gougers

I have a line on a laptop......hopefully getting it June 1st then the blogging will take off! My computer is the shitz at home, I have a bunch of pics on my camera to show but they would probably frown on me loading pics at work......
Gotta run there is people waiting for me here at work just thought I would do a quick post for the diehards

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