Thursday, May 10, 2007

You keep running for another place to find that saving grace.......don't ya baby!

Ever wonder

One day your gonna be sixty years old and you look back at your life in regret that you did not do anything with it. I guess it depends what you want to do,what you like or what you financially capable of doing. Don't forget the fact that people including myself get in a comfortable day to day routine.(work, nap ,home life ,ect) I was just wondering if I am missing something in life by being in that comfortable routine, I guess that's a question for me to answer.

One day were gonna be old I personally don't want to regret the life I lived thus far. I go to work everyday not because I like my job, I do like my job but there is no challenge in it and I'm getting bored. I like the people at work, i like the hours and the pay but I need something that's not there.
That's what I was thinking today.....Time to take out the frustrations on the dragon boat tonight first practice.......I'm gonna be hurtin tomorrow thanks to partying all winter.

paddles up!

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