Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If A Women doesn't Find You Handsome, She'll At Least Find You Handy!

Not having a job has it's perks
like the bathroom reno is almost complete
My Dad has been a huge help since I move pretty slow these days.
Pulled my lower back a week ago, Dr here I come if it is still like this in a few days.
That should eat up a good part of my day
Gotta get ready for skiing, and other nature activities before I probably move to Edmonton
I want to stay here, but financially it doesn't work
best case would be to have a responsible tenant and my mom live here for a few years I can focus on my goals, work on my degree and thats all I have for now :)
Not much changes here anyhow, so why not go on another adventure
this time making money and not spending it all...

A little bird told me that I don't post any pics anymore, I'll get around to that since I took about 1300 on my travels.
The one of me and Sadie up above turned out cool though eh!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Put The "B" In Subtle

Well, not much has changed here in TBay
fixing up the house is always fun :)
especially when you need a rental income
or an income in general
Pulled my back out, so things are going slow
not like I have a timeline, but I do!

Pretty lost these days
do this
do that
go here
go there
take this
take that
wait for this
don't wait for that
order these
order those
talk to her
talk to him
buy this
buy that
move here
move there
stay here
live there
Ahhhh, to tell ya the truth there's a link missing and
too many people read this for me to be blunt about things
I'm doing SFA till January and we'll see what happens then
I'm hoping for this
but, I'll probably get that
confused yet?
so am I...

Monday, November 22, 2010

Matthew Good - It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man

Not much to say these days, so this is what I woke up singing today

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away

So, I'm back in the hometown and it's nice to see everyone!
Feel like a stranger here, I recognize people and really not much has changed
Same faces at the same places I was at a year ago
At least I know where to find em if I'm lookin LOL
Getting ready for "reno's" which I love, by the way!
Gotta get the apartment ready for rent, so when I skip town theres no worries
Found our old work gloves and it made me sad
"GOLD" "T-MAC" missing my little helper on this job...who's gonna yell at me now?
It decided to snow on my birthday...nice I think??
Had beers with the boys out front in the yard, it was snowing beautiful
I'm not gonna lie though, I thought about buying a plane ticket
to somewhere warm and waiting out the winter there....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kill The Headlights And Put It In Neutral

Well, I hate to be one of those people who talks about the weather
but, I'm freezing my ass off here in Canada!
OK I'm done^*^
Booked a flight home on Friday have not been there in almost a year...
looking forward to that!
Signed up for 2 more Uni courses starting in January gonna be busy :)
Trying to formulate a future plan to pay off my debt, and get travelling again!
So far I have a few options, but gotta get the house rented first...
Life's complicated ya know
step by step is my new approach, the problem is you can only walk in so many directions.
When I get home, the life we used to live will be right in my face
reality will have finally caught up to me
Now Teri is in Korea, I'm back in Canada
She's like a rocket there
I'm walkin here...
At least it's good motivation to walk faster :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey Did You See A Birdhouse?

As you may or may not know I'm back on home soil
It's frickin freezin here!
Hard to believe a week ago I was somewhere warm
and 4 days ago I was having lunch with the one I miss the most!
What am I doing here? Good question!
I have some work to do on the house
I have some re-grouping to do
I have some friends and family to see
I think I'm gonna be bored in about 2 months
weather will play a huge part in this
She will be in Canada in or about that time
hmmmm time to check the air miles.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Call On Me, Call On Me,"______" I'm The Same Boy I Used To Be

Well reality is looming, and I'm back in Phuket
I'm getting ready to make the journey to the motherland
Cold ass weather, time to put away the shorts :(
Gonna pay huge for my xtra baggage and newly acquired stuff
On the upside I'm leaving Thailand with an Open water diver license
Yup PADI certified!
Swam this morning with the coolest fish and some black tip reef sharks
there was rumour of a whale shark, but we didn't see it
14m deep and about 5m visibility
The vis was the shits today compared to Saturday at 20m

Looking forward to my lunch date in Seoul during my 10hr layover
Not looking forward to the 30+ hr travel day though :(
I got a plan I think for my return, but it depends on a few things
I guess we'll see what happens??
I'm quite confident it will go my way though!!
I'll write ya from Bangkok!