Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If A Women doesn't Find You Handsome, She'll At Least Find You Handy!

Not having a job has it's perks
like the bathroom reno is almost complete
My Dad has been a huge help since I move pretty slow these days.
Pulled my lower back a week ago, Dr here I come if it is still like this in a few days.
That should eat up a good part of my day
Gotta get ready for skiing, and other nature activities before I probably move to Edmonton
I want to stay here, but financially it doesn't work
best case would be to have a responsible tenant and my mom live here for a few years I can focus on my goals, work on my degree and thats all I have for now :)
Not much changes here anyhow, so why not go on another adventure
this time making money and not spending it all...

A little bird told me that I don't post any pics anymore, I'll get around to that since I took about 1300 on my travels.
The one of me and Sadie up above turned out cool though eh!

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