Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Put The "B" In Subtle

Well, not much has changed here in TBay
fixing up the house is always fun :)
especially when you need a rental income
or an income in general
Pulled my back out, so things are going slow
not like I have a timeline, but I do!

Pretty lost these days
do this
do that
go here
go there
take this
take that
wait for this
don't wait for that
order these
order those
talk to her
talk to him
buy this
buy that
move here
move there
stay here
live there
Ahhhh, to tell ya the truth there's a link missing and
too many people read this for me to be blunt about things
I'm doing SFA till January and we'll see what happens then
I'm hoping for this
but, I'll probably get that
confused yet?
so am I...

1 comment:

Teri said...

so, you're never gonna blog again...?