Monday, January 29, 2007

This posts for you!

Drunken dialing or drunken blogging What's worse? I could tell you a story, but as of now I'm not getting into it so I give you this instead>>>

Stillborn--I think it's the only song by this band I like

Blind me
Erase what was Stillborn, I have become
The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone I waited here for you for so very long
So empty Just a shell of a man Stillborn, this I understand
The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone
I waited here for you for so very long
I waited here for you
So long
I waited here for you
For you
The feelings I once felt are now dead and gone
I waited here for you for so very long
I waited here for you
So long
I waited here for you
So long
I waited here for you
So long I waited here for you
For you

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Things to do when your broke...

Due to financial reasons and me losing badly at the poker table 2 nights in a row. The weekend was rather dull it got me thinking what to do when your broke.......
Well I did the dishes.... I hate dishes but its gotta be done till I get rich then I 'll just go out to eat or get a maid!
I updated the blogroll..I added This Guy Always a good read! I have another idea for the blog gonna try that soon...Hopefully going to make me some cash , cash , cash!
I went for a walk this afternoon, I went by the rink that is a few doors down ....thought to myself Why the fuck don't I own a pair of ice skates? Ice skating is free.....note to self get skates!On my walk I saw a Blue Jay...... No I am full of shit but I just liked the picture ....For the rest of my broke ass weekend , I am going to chill on the couch , vid out and think this very same thought over and over..........

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just Pics

My camera did not focus enough to get pics like this but my friend Sandra Dee took these and was kind enough to share.....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Set List!

Well I tried last night 3 times to upload some of my pics of the Hip show. For some reason It no worky worky......I will try again later today Anyhow It was Quite possibly one of the best nights I had in a long time, for 2 reasons really one of em is obvious and the other well I may reveal that later......In case you spaced out during the show here is the Setlist!
1: The Lonely End Of The Rink
2: Courage
3: Twist My Arm
4: Gus: The Polar Bear From Central Park
5: Family Band
6: Ahead By A Century
7: In View
8: Locked In The Trunk Of A Car
9: Pretend
10: Long Time Running
11: Fireworks
12: At The Hundredth Meridian
13: Bobcaygeon
14: The Kids Don't Get It
15: Fully Completely
16: Scared
17: Yer Not The Ocean
18: New Orleans Is Sinking
19: Fire In The Hole
20: On The Verge
21: Going, Going, Gone (Bob Dylan)
22: Blow At High Dough
On a side note "Long Time Running" was my favorite of the night!

Goodnight Josephine!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Band

Hey all Today is a special day, Today is the day where Canada's best band actually stops here in Thunder Bay to rock our worlds , That's right The Tragically Hip tonight at the Fort William Gardens it's going to be fucking awesome... I'm going to try to get some pictures and post em up here so stay tuned......
On a separate note it is a few days before payday and to be honest with you I'm super fuckin broke,The Hip are going to be here and what am I going to do...... So me being me took my only $10 to the poker table last night, played for a while and I was almost out of chips, losing badly when my awesome poker skills came through and I ended up winning the whole thing(thanks Cliffy) $70 minus the $10 buy in that makes me $60 richer and one happy concert goer.
fuck am I awesome, but not as awesome as these guys!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Work in progress...

I have added a new hit counter to the bottom , so make me popular bitches!
Alright hope everyone is having a good weekend ! I'm going to go look for some more add ons to make this blog better.............yup It's work in progress.... Like the picture at the top!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Im looking for my cat his name's little bones Have U seen him?

I finally was well enough to come to work today I look rough but I made it... I am probably going to get in shit for missing the last 2 days. Although It was not too busy while I was off so I might get lucky I'm going to try and dodge the boss all day being Friday today, if successful He will forget the fact by Monday... I hope
While still devoting a good part of my workday to radio contests, It got me thinking ...Today the morning show was broadcasted from someones kitchen, they were cooking breakfast, putting the kids on the bus and doing the show It sounded like they were having a riot and since I got a face for radio I thought that would be a fun Job....just keeping my options open in case shit hits the fan.
Thank you Tuxedo buck!

Fur Hat weather

Justify Full
Well I am hoping that Fur hat weather is almost over .The hat is very warm as well as the fashion statement it makes is unbelievable. I should have wore this hat the last couple of days maybe I would not have gotten this chest cold.
I gotta go die or that's at least how I feel


Starting Up a Posse

So Anyhow as you know or might know I'm still working on the set-up of this blog and the mission for today(besides winning the hundred dollars) is to link my blog to others I guess U could call it networking ,(so far I got 1)I also tried to make a link on my MSN but it would not let me for some reason.I also have to add some random pictures
I was listening to Dave Matthews this Am at work they do a remake of this song called Cortez the Killer(live in Central park) It's a true story check it out:
It also just dawned on me It is less then a week to The Tragically Hip concert here in ice cold Thunder Bay can't wait, they always do a good show even if your at the lonely end of the rink.

Keep your stick on the Ice!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Today is the day....

Well after much contemplation, I finally started my blog, thought I would try to entertain you folks. I think it might be a good place to rant, a good place for a story, It's also a good spot to win $100 ............and that my friends is bullshit....On that note last Monday I won the $100 so today I thought I could pull it off again.... no luck thus far, I was thinking about devoting a serious part of my work day to radio contests because my wages for the day + one hundred dollars radio earnings makes for a good day. Here is the moneyshot I look rough I know but your missing the point there is a hundred dollar bill in there

on that note I gotta go make a phone call

This is good

Peace and chicken grease