Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Starting Up a Posse

So Anyhow as you know or might know I'm still working on the set-up of this blog and the mission for today(besides winning the hundred dollars) is to link my blog to others I guess U could call it networking ,(so far I got 1)I also tried to make a link on my MSN but it would not let me for some reason.I also have to add some random pictures
I was listening to Dave Matthews this Am at work they do a remake of this song called Cortez the Killer(live in Central park) It's a true story check it out:
It also just dawned on me It is less then a week to The Tragically Hip concert here in ice cold Thunder Bay can't wait, they always do a good show even if your at the lonely end of the rink.

Keep your stick on the Ice!

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Arfur K. Hrrm said...

"The workers did the work and internet + blood = blogspot.