Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motivated By The Lack Of Doubt

moods change with the weather
moods change even if the weather doesn't
however Teal and myself are going camping
tomorrow come hell or high water
the gear for the PTT is almost together
I'm off work tomorrow to load the jeep up.
All the riggin we need to live on an island packed into a jeep then a canoe
this will for sure change my mood raining or not!
like shit eating grin change my mood!
Gonna build a little tarped area so if the weather sucks
we can still bubble up outside and enjoy the fire cooked steaks
All you city folks can think of us cause were gonna have our own island
for the whole weekend unless smokey the bear says otherwise
Have a Good Weekend and I love summer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Just A Shade Shy Of True Wickedness

Yet another fantastic day of rain
Got lots to do around the house outside
I wish this 2 week rain storm
would just fuck off and stay fucked off

I had a "free" Canadian beer last night
a far cry from Export
it reminded me of a story I used to tell
bout a donkey who drank export
and pissed out Canadian.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"You might feel more like a dolphin than a scorpion today, as the watery Pisces Moon moves through your expressive 5th House of Spontaneity. But you don't necessarily want to play anyone else's game; you want to follow your own rules. Compromising to meet someone halfway can be a lot easier than you think."
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
This is my horoscope for today WTF is that about?
Do you believe people actually get paid to come up with this shit
I come up with alot of shit here on the bloggin toboggan
but by no means do I get paid, If i did the shit would be flying!
Rolling on here we have been super busy doin stuff for the camping trip
"the pre trip trip" I'll call it
or the PTT for short
Ms doodle thinks it's a good idea to do a PTT before the biggie in August
I think she's right, so off we go into the wilderness with a canoe and some love
for a weekend of much needed relaxation
And I just added this picture for fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Can Smell A Rat, When It's All Rat

You Know it's a Good steak when:

it marinates for at least an hour
it is soaked in fish sauce
it cooks even with no flare ups on the BBQ
it needs no BBQ sauce when you eat it
it melts in your mouth
it is all quiet at the dinner table
it's not refered to as rat on a stick
it boosts your iron levels
it satisfies every beef craving you had
it makes you take off yer panties
it has no leftovers
it is not too marbled with fat
it is tender and juicy
it fits most of the guidelines here
and it costs some money but does not break the bank!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lovin Is What I Got

Sitting at the breakfast table at work
eating green grapes
I look and there is a tiny little white spider
(about the size of a dime)
crawling through the grapes
I was like cool ....then I was like Fuck gross
now I wanna eat my grapes but look at this spider
cool ......
Then the lunch lady starts freakin
" I'm arachnophobic"
I'm like relax I through the grapes and the spider in the garbage
squishing them all.
Not sure why people are afraid of spiders
there a little freaky
but for the most part around here there pretty harmless
just ask spiderman!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Seducing The K 9

The way things are going this could be true, you think I run alot of red lights now..... We had about 200 of these birds and one squirrel in our three apple trees
Rubberina got some really neat pictures
I actually never saw these birds in our trees before Saturday.
Our square foot garden project is starting to sprout
little vegetables
You know your getting old when your excited about a garden
a garden you planted no less
Truth is we will have more money for meat
because I'm sure that's gonna go up in price too!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I Wanna keep You Thinking Like You Never Should.

I took the hard top off the jeep
put the bikini top on it
It has rained since I did that.
Timing is everything, however something cool happened
It was early evening, it just finished raining and it was misty/ foggy out
I was driving to a buddy's house
The air was misty fresh and it Reminded me of driving in BC
It was like I was there in port moody
So I thought about BC for a bit and since were going for a road trip there
I thought about it a bit more
I came to the conclusion that I like the warm air and fresh smell
but the rain/mist/fog all the time would be depressing
I don't know how people in BC cope with a "rainy season"
I guess a new umbrella every year would be a start

I have a new hobby
the game of "Around the world"
played on a dart board with a few friends and frosty beverages
Tis a super simple game and tonnes of fun'
rules are
You got to get "double one" to get on the board and you just
have to hit the numbers(anywhere) but in order all the way to nineteen
then you need a "double twenty" to get out or win the game!
I think we need a dartboard at our abode

Ya don't ask......

Anyhow We were talking and rubberina , she came up with a theory that more people will start blowing red lights because of the price of gas I think she's right
When a light changes you can count on at least one person running the red
at every intersection at anytime in the city
This morning 6:30am I was forced to stop by a red light
Why it changed God who knows but I'm stopped now
I wait a good three minutes, in fact not a car coming for miles
the fact I was cutting it close to being late for work
the price of gas and the fact there was no reason for me to stop
made me depress the clutch and put er in first look both ways
and blow right through the red
believe it or not I got about 6-10 blocks down the street before it turned green
I think the city planners and the gas company's are in cahoots
stalling the traffic, so they burn more gas and then
in turn the gas company's buy traffic lights for the city's
There's something to think about......
Have a Good weekend!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kind You Follow Anywhere....So I Accidentally Did So

Been doing some crazy shifts
I love getting off work at noonish
getting up at 3am does kinda suck tho
Now were back on the regular program
When I woke up this morning I was freaked out that it was sunny in my room
and I thought I was late for work
no such luck

When left to my own devices
here at work and I'm not busy
I get bored and generally stir the pot
On Friday I wrote a letter (email) to the health unit
it went like this....

"I am writing you today just to clarify something that really bothers me. I work in a building that has a kitchen and serves food. Now the method for thawing out some stuff in the kitchen is they run the taps and the sink fills and drains and fills essentially thawing the food with cold water. Now I said to my supervisor that is a terrible waste of water letting it run non stop and his response was it is the safe way to thaw it and is recommended by the health unit. Is this a common practice or a recommendation from you guys? I took your food safety courses so I am well aware of the "food poisoning possibilities" and the temperature danger zones however is there not a better way to thaw without wasting the lake? I go to great lengths EVERYDAY to recycle and it really pisses me off to see the water wasted in such a pointless way! My co workers are well aware of the way I and many others feel, some give a shit some don't. My point is if I tell em they don't care but if it is mandated from the heath inspector then they have no choice but to comply.......I think everyone should do there part to save the planet at least for our kids please reply to Thanks in advance!"

The response was:
"The method you describe is a very safe and effective, not to mention quick, way to thaw food and is recommended by Health Inspectors. You are right though in that it does use a great deal of water. Perhaps you can suggest the following alternative - as opposed to letting water run the entire time, fill the sink (or a bowl / container of some sort) with cold water and immerse the food in it. The water MUST be changed every 1 to 2 hours; otherwise, the water warms and reaches Danger Zone temperatures (4-60 C / 40-140 F), where bacteria present in the food will grow and multiply.
I hope that you will find this option more environmentally friendly and a good solution to your concern.
As I'm sure you'll recall from your food handler training, the other acceptable methods for thawing are 1) in the refrigerator (takes more time), 2) in the microwave (watch for hot spots) or 3) cook directly from frozen (if the food / recipe allows for it)"

So in conclusion, back to square one
I could bring it up to my supervisor
but why I'm quite sure he does not give a shit either
The guy that sparked this whole writing a letter idea is
still not talking to me cause I gave him shit for wasting water
He's a 44 yr old big baby anyhow
I liked her alternative suggestions but they won't fly with the turkeys here
So I feel like I should just take it for what it is
but it pisses me off
Today I had it with the work people
With the exception of some
few and far between
Time to find a new pot to stir......

Friday, June 6, 2008

Darkest Side Of Any God Dam Ride You Ever Been On

Gonna be fixing the bathroom window
not the window but the trim
During last nights typhoon lots 'o' water came gushin in
We had no plans this weekend
guess that just changed *sigh*
Fixing the trim is a bit time consuming
First you have to remove the old caulking
and clean it up good so the new caulking sticks
The number one rule to remember
"caulk does not stick to caulk"
Now That in more ways then one makes sense to me!

I wrote a letter to the Thunder Bay Health unit today
I had a few questions about some practices here in our work kitchen
Turns out they run the cold water full blast in the sink non stop
until the stuff they want to thaw is not frozen
I personally think this is a huge waste of water to achieve the
same results as a more environmentally friendly way could
I know of some co-workers that just don't give a shit
I know that if I tell em not to waste water they won't listen
I know if the health unit tells them they have to listen
I know they think I'm a granola boy for always turning it off or down
some bitch, some don't
I know I don't really care if they think that because I also
know I feel better with these little contributions in trying to save the planet
On A separate ditty here...

This chick has been in the news lots lately because of our finance minister or because of the cleavage?

Ponder that for the weekend......... Cheers!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys

Love the music.....Not so much the singing
Check er out! and let me know what you think!

Eyeballs Deep In Muddy Water

I love the way things are going these days
busy yet rewarding
All with a few goals in mind
like both of us working two jobs
with a goal of a great summer road trip.
Doing a vegetable gardening for the learning experience,
the goal of cutting the grocery bill and
not too mention the health benefits.
Raising our own pig out on the farm is also
a cheaper better alternative to store bought pork,
There is more work involved... but that Christmas Ham is
as Gord put it Well worth the wait!
(you can see a picture here)
We both paddle (well I steer) on a Dragon boat team
2 nights a week till the end of July
That is a nice change and stress reliever from the daily BS
It might rain today and the Dragon Boat saying goes
"It Ain't Training Unless It's Raining"
YaBaDaBa Dooooooo!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When Your Excited Like A Bird Around A Feeder

Oh hummingbird where art tho
I saw you come by the feeder
to give it a quick look
but that's all you did three times
Please come back to eat
we all know we have the best feeder on Stephens st.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Don't Eat The Street Meat

A friend of mine actually took these pics in Thunder Bay on Red River Road Saturday. He told the manager but not before taking the priceless photo! He says there was no long line-ups when he went in, and assumes the sign got changed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Black Helicopter
I or more importantly the planet has a favor to ask.....
Could every local or not local reader please send these people a wake up email
asking them why they only recycle the bare minimum. It's kinda sad really, knowing now that half the stuff that we have been bringing to recycle gets tossed in the trash because our city does not think we should help the global problem
Now I took a few minutes to go through the "green guide" and alot is already recycled
witch is cool Yay!!!!!!!!
my question is, and yours should be too is that why is everything not recycled that could be?? I even noticed our garbage is half what it used to be come garbage day
Here's another helpful link to recycling some stuff you normally would not think of.

Totally off topic but Here is something else I also learned about today