Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eyeballs Deep In Muddy Water

I love the way things are going these days
busy yet rewarding
All with a few goals in mind
like both of us working two jobs
with a goal of a great summer road trip.
Doing a vegetable gardening for the learning experience,
the goal of cutting the grocery bill and
not too mention the health benefits.
Raising our own pig out on the farm is also
a cheaper better alternative to store bought pork,
There is more work involved... but that Christmas Ham is
as Gord put it Well worth the wait!
(you can see a picture here)
We both paddle (well I steer) on a Dragon boat team
2 nights a week till the end of July
That is a nice change and stress reliever from the daily BS
It might rain today and the Dragon Boat saying goes
"It Ain't Training Unless It's Raining"
YaBaDaBa Dooooooo!

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