Friday, June 13, 2008

I Wanna keep You Thinking Like You Never Should.

I took the hard top off the jeep
put the bikini top on it
It has rained since I did that.
Timing is everything, however something cool happened
It was early evening, it just finished raining and it was misty/ foggy out
I was driving to a buddy's house
The air was misty fresh and it Reminded me of driving in BC
It was like I was there in port moody
So I thought about BC for a bit and since were going for a road trip there
I thought about it a bit more
I came to the conclusion that I like the warm air and fresh smell
but the rain/mist/fog all the time would be depressing
I don't know how people in BC cope with a "rainy season"
I guess a new umbrella every year would be a start

I have a new hobby
the game of "Around the world"
played on a dart board with a few friends and frosty beverages
Tis a super simple game and tonnes of fun'
rules are
You got to get "double one" to get on the board and you just
have to hit the numbers(anywhere) but in order all the way to nineteen
then you need a "double twenty" to get out or win the game!
I think we need a dartboard at our abode

Ya don't ask......

Anyhow We were talking and rubberina , she came up with a theory that more people will start blowing red lights because of the price of gas I think she's right
When a light changes you can count on at least one person running the red
at every intersection at anytime in the city
This morning 6:30am I was forced to stop by a red light
Why it changed God who knows but I'm stopped now
I wait a good three minutes, in fact not a car coming for miles
the fact I was cutting it close to being late for work
the price of gas and the fact there was no reason for me to stop
made me depress the clutch and put er in first look both ways
and blow right through the red
believe it or not I got about 6-10 blocks down the street before it turned green
I think the city planners and the gas company's are in cahoots
stalling the traffic, so they burn more gas and then
in turn the gas company's buy traffic lights for the city's
There's something to think about......
Have a Good weekend!


Al said...

You were in your element...I have been exploring how your chinese element sign is in sink with you zodiac sign....there is some truth to it as people need either mountains, water, bush around them to keep them happy, to thrive in their element (water, earth, fire, etc).....I need water, in this dry province of Alberta....comin back to my element of Thunder Bay!!

Universal Thought said...

Rain is not the problem in BC, the hard part not seeing the sun for months and months. When are you guys coming to BC? Are you going to be coming to Vancouver?

The Man said...

I agree not seeing the sun is depressing Were Going to Kelowna area in August
Take the drive......or call me or something!