Monday, June 2, 2008

Black Helicopter
I or more importantly the planet has a favor to ask.....
Could every local or not local reader please send these people a wake up email
asking them why they only recycle the bare minimum. It's kinda sad really, knowing now that half the stuff that we have been bringing to recycle gets tossed in the trash because our city does not think we should help the global problem
Now I took a few minutes to go through the "green guide" and alot is already recycled
witch is cool Yay!!!!!!!!
my question is, and yours should be too is that why is everything not recycled that could be?? I even noticed our garbage is half what it used to be come garbage day
Here's another helpful link to recycling some stuff you normally would not think of.

Totally off topic but Here is something else I also learned about today

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Teri said...

i would LAY MONEY on the wager that you looked up your own name on the FBI website.
i win, right?
you did, didn't you?