Tuesday, June 24, 2008


"You might feel more like a dolphin than a scorpion today, as the watery Pisces Moon moves through your expressive 5th House of Spontaneity. But you don't necessarily want to play anyone else's game; you want to follow your own rules. Compromising to meet someone halfway can be a lot easier than you think."
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
This is my horoscope for today WTF is that about?
Do you believe people actually get paid to come up with this shit
I come up with alot of shit here on the bloggin toboggan
but by no means do I get paid, If i did the shit would be flying!
Rolling on here we have been super busy doin stuff for the camping trip
"the pre trip trip" I'll call it
or the PTT for short
Ms doodle thinks it's a good idea to do a PTT before the biggie in August
I think she's right, so off we go into the wilderness with a canoe and some love
for a weekend of much needed relaxation
And I just added this picture for fun!

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