Friday, June 6, 2008

Darkest Side Of Any God Dam Ride You Ever Been On

Gonna be fixing the bathroom window
not the window but the trim
During last nights typhoon lots 'o' water came gushin in
We had no plans this weekend
guess that just changed *sigh*
Fixing the trim is a bit time consuming
First you have to remove the old caulking
and clean it up good so the new caulking sticks
The number one rule to remember
"caulk does not stick to caulk"
Now That in more ways then one makes sense to me!

I wrote a letter to the Thunder Bay Health unit today
I had a few questions about some practices here in our work kitchen
Turns out they run the cold water full blast in the sink non stop
until the stuff they want to thaw is not frozen
I personally think this is a huge waste of water to achieve the
same results as a more environmentally friendly way could
I know of some co-workers that just don't give a shit
I know that if I tell em not to waste water they won't listen
I know if the health unit tells them they have to listen
I know they think I'm a granola boy for always turning it off or down
some bitch, some don't
I know I don't really care if they think that because I also
know I feel better with these little contributions in trying to save the planet
On A separate ditty here...

This chick has been in the news lots lately because of our finance minister or because of the cleavage?

Ponder that for the weekend......... Cheers!

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