Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Kind You Follow Anywhere....So I Accidentally Did So

Been doing some crazy shifts
I love getting off work at noonish
getting up at 3am does kinda suck tho
Now were back on the regular program
When I woke up this morning I was freaked out that it was sunny in my room
and I thought I was late for work
no such luck

When left to my own devices
here at work and I'm not busy
I get bored and generally stir the pot
On Friday I wrote a letter (email) to the health unit
it went like this....

"I am writing you today just to clarify something that really bothers me. I work in a building that has a kitchen and serves food. Now the method for thawing out some stuff in the kitchen is they run the taps and the sink fills and drains and fills essentially thawing the food with cold water. Now I said to my supervisor that is a terrible waste of water letting it run non stop and his response was it is the safe way to thaw it and is recommended by the health unit. Is this a common practice or a recommendation from you guys? I took your food safety courses so I am well aware of the "food poisoning possibilities" and the temperature danger zones however is there not a better way to thaw without wasting the lake? I go to great lengths EVERYDAY to recycle and it really pisses me off to see the water wasted in such a pointless way! My co workers are well aware of the way I and many others feel, some give a shit some don't. My point is if I tell em they don't care but if it is mandated from the heath inspector then they have no choice but to comply.......I think everyone should do there part to save the planet at least for our kids please reply to Thanks in advance!"

The response was:
"The method you describe is a very safe and effective, not to mention quick, way to thaw food and is recommended by Health Inspectors. You are right though in that it does use a great deal of water. Perhaps you can suggest the following alternative - as opposed to letting water run the entire time, fill the sink (or a bowl / container of some sort) with cold water and immerse the food in it. The water MUST be changed every 1 to 2 hours; otherwise, the water warms and reaches Danger Zone temperatures (4-60 C / 40-140 F), where bacteria present in the food will grow and multiply.
I hope that you will find this option more environmentally friendly and a good solution to your concern.
As I'm sure you'll recall from your food handler training, the other acceptable methods for thawing are 1) in the refrigerator (takes more time), 2) in the microwave (watch for hot spots) or 3) cook directly from frozen (if the food / recipe allows for it)"

So in conclusion, back to square one
I could bring it up to my supervisor
but why I'm quite sure he does not give a shit either
The guy that sparked this whole writing a letter idea is
still not talking to me cause I gave him shit for wasting water
He's a 44 yr old big baby anyhow
I liked her alternative suggestions but they won't fly with the turkeys here
So I feel like I should just take it for what it is
but it pisses me off
Today I had it with the work people
With the exception of some
few and far between
Time to find a new pot to stir......

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