Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ride Like Hell

Well tomorrow is my last day of work.
Unemployed for the first time in god knows how long
Actually since 1990
There's a weird feeling, I'm so happy to leave but I wish in a roundabout way that I could stay.. if I was staying, of course I would want to leave.
Ahhhh it's time to go!
9 years went by fast I made alot of friends had alot of memorable events now its all coming to an end.....I wonder if they are going to escort me out like I'm a criminal or something??
we'll soon find out... LOL
Been a hell of a week I went from this :

To this .......I'm pretty happy about that, (now that is over) :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Been This Way, Ten Years To The Day

Lots on the go
Lots to talk about, no time to talk about it
actually, there is no time to Dillie Dalli around anymore!
Ms D leaves in the morning
I leave in three weeks - not worried about that.
A three week separation from Ms D - not worried about that.
Gotta pack and clean - not worried about that.
Gotta shuffle furniture- not worried about that.
Gave my notice at work- not worried about that.
Got to find work in a different country - not worried about that.(ok a little)
Going on a great adventure with my love - not worried about that.
Taking an extremely long freakin plane ride- not worried about that.
Gotta source out wood and pick it up for stairs- not worried about that.
I woke up today and this is what I worried about.......
is the guy is going to show up to remove the stairs, so I can build new ones before I go.
I hate depending on other people.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tweeter And The Monkey Man

Had some time on my hands, so I watched this 14 part series
Worth watching but it will make you give your head a shake!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Bastard

The Itouch
I know I have been rambling on about this little thing I love so much
I will shut up about it but first I would like to point out a few glitches
I tunes has got to be the most non user friendly, spaced out, non compliance piece of shit program I have ever used!
I have been trying to add music, sure it adds most of my current CD collection except the one's I really want, truly though music is not the problem...why because I tunes will sell you the songs you want/already own for .99 cents each! Ms D has like 4500 songs on her itunes, when were both online, I can see and play songs off her list on my computer, however can I add/ steal some songs and add them to my play list? The answer so far is NO!! That's like waving a steak in front of a starving man....
Adding DVD video's which I own and would like to watch is nearly impossible
first you have to convert it to mp4 format, I have downloaded two free "top of the line" programs to convert and rip the dvd's. The first one worked well, I was proud of myself and spent two hours loading concert vids on the Ipod only to discover later that all the songs were cut off at the three minute mark! So I tried another free "top of the line" program and it wouldn't work at all due to copyright infringements or some bullshit like that....hello I own the original, the artist has already got/spent my money! I just want to watch some freakin concerts on my 15 hour plane ride!
I hope someone who is technology savvy pops into my sometime life soon and helps my old ass out!

On a lighter note: Sharks don't attack the Irish, mostly Australians -Gord Downie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

With Nothing To Say, I'll Sing It Bright - That's Right!

Before I call you this morning, it is my sworn duty to let you know I have made you "Director of public relations" in the new union I have created. It is the "Union for waxers and wax museums". In the brotherhood, are the floor waxers, candle makers, wax sculpture professionals, car wax appliers, shiny head people and bikini wax appliers and makers. As the director you will be in charge of the media reports, collective bargaining, wax statistics( floor and sculpture) and of course the candle makers. We have a Brazilian applicant I think we should put in charge of the car wax people and the bikini wax. We will have a union meeting in the near future to discuss the position, and give you your shiny company car!
Thank you Sean
president "Uof WWM"

And she thinks I'm weird!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't Ya Wanna See How It Ends?

This morning I was walking to work listening to my Itouch(coolest new gadget ever)
The Tragically Hip was rockin my walk
The new album,witch is quite good by the way changed songs and when I looked at the Itouch screen I saw this.....

"The Depression Suite"
I laughed and thought I wonder if people will get "it"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Already In The Rice

Cinco de mayo
I was looking back at the last two may 5th posts and read some other older posts from the same month, like this one, which brought back memories. As I laughed, I missed the wisdom's of random comments people used to make, when I was more diligent in blogging. Well things are gonna change, the leap of faith is approaching fast and I am gonna document it all here! Not on face book where it takes 13 hours to load up pics for friends on your list you never talk to, I'm doing it here for myself and people who read this gongshow!
I also bought an Apple Itouch the freakin thing is awesome! This little gadget will also help me document my crazy new adventure, if Ms D is good I'm gonna also buy her one!

During my walk to work today, I saw a funny nature moment a crow was chasing a squirrel up Court street and the squirrel was so confused it would or didn't know how tho get off the road, because the crow was always right there.....anyhooo a car came by and the squirrel booked it to the tree on the boulevard and the crow flew away! The squirrel was saved by the car instead of being ran over.

One more thing for those of you from Thunder Bay; Court street is going to be the new Simpson street! Remember you heard it here first!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Diggin Deep Just To Carry On

The first of May, shit is gonna start to get busy
super fricken busy infact
Those who like to visit and hang out
are running out of time, Tmac leaves in 20 days
Shortly after she's gone, I will follow
unsure of the date as of today but gimme a week
the wheels will be in motion
I would like to think that a few people I used to chum around with
would put some kinda effort into a last visit, but I won't hold my breath
Time is tickin
You can only call people so many times
Time is still tickin and I'm still goin
It is what it is I guess I tried.