Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Already In The Rice

Cinco de mayo
I was looking back at the last two may 5th posts and read some other older posts from the same month, like this one, which brought back memories. As I laughed, I missed the wisdom's of random comments people used to make, when I was more diligent in blogging. Well things are gonna change, the leap of faith is approaching fast and I am gonna document it all here! Not on face book where it takes 13 hours to load up pics for friends on your list you never talk to, I'm doing it here for myself and people who read this gongshow!
I also bought an Apple Itouch the freakin thing is awesome! This little gadget will also help me document my crazy new adventure, if Ms D is good I'm gonna also buy her one!

During my walk to work today, I saw a funny nature moment a crow was chasing a squirrel up Court street and the squirrel was so confused it would or didn't know how tho get off the road, because the crow was always right there.....anyhooo a car came by and the squirrel booked it to the tree on the boulevard and the crow flew away! The squirrel was saved by the car instead of being ran over.

One more thing for those of you from Thunder Bay; Court street is going to be the new Simpson street! Remember you heard it here first!


khawk said...

"Court street is going to be the new Simpson street!"

"Going to be"? It already is.

The Man said...

Good Point! and it makes me glad to be working paying all those taxes!