Monday, August 24, 2009

Come Monday It'll Be Alright!

I have not been here in awhile, but I had my camera ready for some good, and not so good shots of what I been up to! We went to an artsy fartsy area of Seoul called Hyehwa it is a really neat neighbourhood full of restaurants and theatre related buildings including a Jazz school and some university's.

The fancy, way too expensive but really frickin good Italian restaurant we ate at! This is the top floor and it's an all around cool building, trees inside like this one and the whole outside walls are covered in Ivy! We had a "special pizza" and homemade pasta $40 bucks later and we were full....A place to go back to when were rich!

A Street in Hyehwa

My camera's firework option LOL
The Hangang river is the major river that divides up Seoul. We were having some frosty beverages and enjoying the fireworks in the +36 degree heat. People buy fireworks in the 7-11 store along the river and fire em off toward the river.

A view of one of hundreds of bridges crossing the river....This one is pre fireworks and the view from the 7-11

Ms D spots an pomegranate tree
First time I saw one of these!

Random statue of that dude from that movie, you know the one!

I like statues, but they're pretty quiet.

The night market
The two sides of the street and the surrounding area come alive at night with vendors selling everything under the sun! We took a stroll through last night and I bought flip flops for $10 bucks!

In between races before Ms D won the cash!

Outside the expensive but good Italian restaurant...again with the statues LOL

Me gettin artsy at the Wa Bar

And they're off

Of course I found a beer castle!

Outside the lounge at the horse track see the haze from the smokers there is 5 floors like this in total I'm guessing 30,000 people go to the races on any givin day

Itaewon "little America" I have a love hate relationship with this place. You can get everything you need there from America, like food or bigger size clothes, however it smells dirty and is pretty gross. It is over run by American military and migrate workers from every country you can think of. I had the pleasure of walking up "hooker hill" the other night, basically these trashy women have garage doors on 10x10 rooms and they stand out in front of em and try to reel in clients!

Funny food sign at the bullet train terminal which by the way I have not got to ride one yet but there supposed to go 300km/hour!

Women here have there own parking spots as indicated by pink lines. Why you ask??? well than they don't have to walk as far in they're high heels .....yes I'm serious!

This is Me and MsD happy on a super packed bus on our way to the river
I'm right at the front door where you get on. This is why I wish I drove again !

I was gonna pee on the floor to make my mark, but instead I wrote my name on the wall! Pub 210

Need I say more!

Here's a fun game, spot the spelling mistakes!

WTF is a young walleye pollac??

If your in the subway station and see Teri run by chances are there cooking these little beauty's close by!
Silk Work Larvae

Odds and Ends
Were going white water rafting this Saturday! I'm pretty excited about that, gonna try to get some pics but water and camera's don't go well together!
I'm gonna try to send some Soju back to a few select people at home, not sure if it will make it and I'm not sure if said people will like me the next day!
Met a guy last night who told me lots of neat stuff about Shanghai, can't wait to go there in October!
Korean tv is very fun to watch, you thought our commercials were bad! ohhh ya and they play dirty movies at night!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Riding the bus into Seoul can be a frightening experience! It's about a 40km ride from our suburb Bundang. This video is a pretty mellow ride, however there is some days you just get on the bus, shut up and HANG ON! Our bus driver talked to himself for a good part of the ride, I wish my camera had sound......

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Today on the subway was crowded
of course I get stuck in the car with
the coughers and the sneezers
I wanted nothing more than to get off the train
had to be there for 3 more stops
hopefully I avoided the
whatever flu they were coughing
Koreans don't cover their mouths when they sneeze
or cough, they just let er fly

I think we have a ghost in our apartment
here's why
Ms D and I had a nice chicken curry meal
I cleaned up and did the dishes(my turn)
was about 9:30pm when it was all said and done
ya I know we eat late, but she works till 8
anyhow the dishes were drying on the rack
fast forward till about 5:30am
CRASH, BANG , we wake up
dishes fell out of the rack that have been sitting there
for about 8 hours
We live in a haunted shoebox, with jumping dishes???? LOL

Supposed to enter a poker tourney this weekend
some fancy casino downtown Seoul
free food and drinks
well at least I'll get something for my money!
wish me luck......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lazy + Sunday + Taco's = Happy Sean!

Today for some odd reason, I miss driving not sure why the public transportation here is phenomenal and cheap, but today I'm not in the mood for subway riding or packed buses that you have to stand up on, I just wanna get in my old jeep and drive! Notice I said my old jeep.... the one I had before I left, was newer but I did not care for it all that much! I spoke with 2 good friends on the phone last night, one quick call to congratulate the newly married couple..just married on the 8th ! Congrats once again to "The man and Sandra dee"
I was happy it's good to hear a good friends voice and to know everything is going AOK back home! It's alot better sometimes to talk than to email, the conversation could have gone on for a long time I'm sure, but I had to get off the phone as we were getting kicked off our rooftop patio!

Back to the driving, I would prefer the jeep but right about now even this looks appealing

This was the HOTTEST freakin chicken I have ever eaten in my life! it's called "fire chicken" and lemme tell ya they aint kidding! The little noodles beside it are called Dok
Dok is the Korean work for rice noodle and them little beauty's were even hotter than the chicken!! I think it's the starch that let's the heat stay in your mouth!