Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Today on the subway was crowded
of course I get stuck in the car with
the coughers and the sneezers
I wanted nothing more than to get off the train
had to be there for 3 more stops
hopefully I avoided the
whatever flu they were coughing
Koreans don't cover their mouths when they sneeze
or cough, they just let er fly

I think we have a ghost in our apartment
here's why
Ms D and I had a nice chicken curry meal
I cleaned up and did the dishes(my turn)
was about 9:30pm when it was all said and done
ya I know we eat late, but she works till 8
anyhow the dishes were drying on the rack
fast forward till about 5:30am
CRASH, BANG , we wake up
dishes fell out of the rack that have been sitting there
for about 8 hours
We live in a haunted shoebox, with jumping dishes???? LOL

Supposed to enter a poker tourney this weekend
some fancy casino downtown Seoul
free food and drinks
well at least I'll get something for my money!
wish me luck......

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