Friday, December 25, 2009

Dark Clouds May Hang On Me Sometimes, But I'll Work It Out

I went from this

To this.....
That will freak ya out!
Merry Christmas all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It Gets So Sticky Round Here

Everybody this is Little Bones!
Little Bones this is everybody!

I threw this pic in because I am 15 hours into a 30 hour travel day back and needed some amusement! I am in Seattle right now I for some odd reason it feels weird to be here and actually understand what people are saying.... I kinda miss Korea believe it or not.....maybe it's because the people I have encountered thus far have been sorta rude to a Canadian traveller!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Made To Take And Take And Take

Some people want to rob banks or steal armoured cars in an effort to get rich.
Not me, I wanna steal this mobile butcher shop!

Christmas at AK Plaza

Some pics of the view from my watering hole. The manager likes us there! Super nice guy and he is always trying to talk to me but he speaks very very little English and my Korean is the shits, but at least there is never a dull moment!

The menu at the said watering hole

The middle floor here is the all you can eat Korean BBQ for $12
Good stuff !

Best Guitar Riff Of The 2000'ds

WOW time flies
It's almost Christmas good thing I sent out the gifts
2 months ago and I'll bet they'll still be late.
Internet guitar 101 is coming along OK
I only play when T is not home, for many reasons
I broke the 100kg mark at the gym today and I'm pretty dam happy about that!
(not lifting but the weigh in was less than 100kg)
So now I'm a semi fat white guy ! LoL
Today for fun I got on a bus just to see where it went
Well it went on a "milk run" through all the Korean apartment towns
let me tell ya when your a semi fat white guy in an apartment town in
the hood of Migeum you get some funny looks!
Went out last night with a friend to Seoul, Gangnam to be exact and
it took me one hour and twenty minutes to hail a cab ride home
maybe it was racism, but no one would stop for me or take me to Bundang
$22 dollar cab fare to be exact!
I have been trying to learn how to write in Korean
Peoples names, things, and places
I can officially read it, understanding it is a whole other story?
It's tough but hey why not try I'm here after all
Then I started thinking, after all those years of partying
the only thing I ever got an A+ on was my blood type...
Wish me luck !

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shooting Star

Ms D had a birthday, now she is old like me! Was a two day fun filled weekend including a great dinner both nights! This lamp was my gift to her along with a baby g shock watch and a 10 yr old cat who understands Russian as that's where she came from.

Today we went here to pick up our second cat from a lady who was fostering the kitten!

Friday night birthday dinner at our friends! Don't light sparklers over the cake they get sulphur on the icing!

Been a busy boy and I have been meaning to get here all week, now it's Sunday night and I finally made it!
More to come.......