Saturday, December 12, 2009

Best Guitar Riff Of The 2000'ds

WOW time flies
It's almost Christmas good thing I sent out the gifts
2 months ago and I'll bet they'll still be late.
Internet guitar 101 is coming along OK
I only play when T is not home, for many reasons
I broke the 100kg mark at the gym today and I'm pretty dam happy about that!
(not lifting but the weigh in was less than 100kg)
So now I'm a semi fat white guy ! LoL
Today for fun I got on a bus just to see where it went
Well it went on a "milk run" through all the Korean apartment towns
let me tell ya when your a semi fat white guy in an apartment town in
the hood of Migeum you get some funny looks!
Went out last night with a friend to Seoul, Gangnam to be exact and
it took me one hour and twenty minutes to hail a cab ride home
maybe it was racism, but no one would stop for me or take me to Bundang
$22 dollar cab fare to be exact!
I have been trying to learn how to write in Korean
Peoples names, things, and places
I can officially read it, understanding it is a whole other story?
It's tough but hey why not try I'm here after all
Then I started thinking, after all those years of partying
the only thing I ever got an A+ on was my blood type...
Wish me luck !

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