Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boats And Hoes

Turns out Seoul has a "Little Russia" We decided to go and check it out
with Borsht in mind....really good Borsht might I add. It was nice to go somewhere
and not hear Korean all the time, not that I understand Russian, Mongolian or Uzbekistanian
but it was nice! The food was great, then we ended up at this "disco" owned by the lady who
also owned the restaurant I don't think we can go back there unfortunately as a few members of our party kinda pissed the locals off, blame the perogies, 5 bottles of vodka, the lost camera or the way the night went I'm just sad we can't go eat there any more :(
this is the restaurant:
The menu is in Russian but we got lucky, one of the girls with us spoke Russian!
Who Knew??

A church I think

LOL these posters were everywhere!

The disco was owned by people from Uzbekistan this was on the wall. I'm guessing someone important to them! Amir Temur

Restaurant and Russian Beer

One of 5 bottles that night.... Good Stuff!

What happens after the 5 bottles to most of us, the pic says it all!

I took this just to Say a mini Hello!

The disco, as you can see we were not affected by the shooters or the perogies!

Korean Lesson # 2
This is the sign outside our apartment it says in red letters "Sauna"
first character makes a "Sh" sound
second is a "AH" sound
the circle means nothing when placed there but the "T" or the third is a "U" sound
Fourth is the L shape or "N" sound and the last one as you already know is an "AH" sound

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect Fifths, Low Skids And Arctic Howls

Some day's I actually forget I'm in Korea, although I'm reminded very fast the second I walk outside.
10 steps outside my door and BOOM instant reminder.
I read the news back home, nothing really new there unless you count that guy getting the shit kicked out of him with a brick....like I said nothing new there.
So I'm glad I am where I am for the time being, but from time to time I think about shit I'm missing at home...for example:
Right now it's fall time and I'm missing the Salmon fishing and moose hunting strategy's out at Mono. I'm missing the cows grow some delicious beef out at the farm, not to mention the cold very tasty beer that you just can't get here! This list could go on for a while but you get my point. I think today was one of those days I forgot where I was and the mind was wondering......Something I never had back home was these GIANT size peaches they sell here I ate on for the first time yesterday and man was it Juicy! Best dam peach I have tasted from a tree! Also Dok noodles and Kimchi are two things that are really frickin good, don't think you can get those back home either.....
This weekend there is a birthday party to attend in Little Russia?? Huh? Yeah I guess were going for Borscht and Vodka in Dongdaemun, should be interesting! I have seen some Russians around Itaewon but I didn't know they had there own "Russia town" I'm bringing my camera LOL
I am/we are looking forward to going to China next week should be a 3 day whirlwind!
Can't wait shopping is cheap so place your requests now! Christmas is coming!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Courage, My Word

Harley Davidson of Korea, was gonna buy a T-shirt till I went in and looked at the prices $120

Spelling here in Korea when it comes to English is rather poor, I see at least 10 signs a day that make me laugh the one above was today's.

Monster pig outside the Thai embassy of labour.

I spent a couple hours walking around Itaewon or "little America" on Saturday, while Teri got her hair done. It's called little America because there is a military base in Iteawon, and it's full of American soldiers and their family's. Also it is home to many migrate workers from just about any country you can think of. On the upside you can get pretty much any food, any size clothing and all other comforts of home but it's not cheap! On the downside it's dirty, stinky and full of annoying vendors who harass you as you walk by! Speaking of vendors check this one out!

Very importand lesson #1

How to read the word Pizza in Korean. The red lettering actually says "P-I-CH-A or pizza!

Had a good weekend, played alot of pool and badminton! Lookng forward to a sauna in my near future! In the not so near future, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get back to Canada is go see The Hip!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When You Can Squak And Wait For Word From Above, And Change Yourself Into something You Love!

For some odd reason, these little cars have caught my eye, besides the fact there everywhere here with cool paint jobs.....they look like alot of fun to drive!
Ohhh ya and there not cheap! Look it up!
We got our visa's to go to china today! well actually 2 days ago
I'm not sure whats up with the passport people, when they stamp or place a visa in your passport one would think they would start on page 1 and go from there
When I arrived here in Korea my immigration stamp is on page 17
My Chinese visa is on pg 22
Maybe they don't know about page 1???
we'll see what Japan does when I go there LOL
Really looking forward to that trip anyhow it's coming fast! 2 weeks away.
Also it's September seventeen....not sure what thats about click here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Last Canada Goose

I was daydreaming of my old life and things I missed about it, Northern Ontario and the clean air, then this picture came to mind...I didn't take it but I was there. Taken at Patience lake on our fly in fishing trip.

When trees are sick what do you do?
Give them IV of course!

The top of the mountain we have now hiked a total of 2 times....our time going up the mountain has improved by about 15 minutes! Not a very big mountain but it's a fun thing to do on a Sunday!

Any takers?

See this truck well there everywhere here in Korea. For some reason they come in two colours, Blue and White
I must admit they kinda have grown on me, would be a good buggy for back home, good on gas and a nice box for my toys! More on these beauties later! I'm gonna get a whole bunch of pics of different ones and do a poll.....
In other random events, we have a spa in the basement of our building, so I went to check it out! The sauna was like nothing I have seen before, if you can picture an Igloo, and a sauna mixed together, that's how the sauna was....like an igloo, you crawl in and then your in a huge circle room with mats on the floor. You sit for about ten minutes and crawl out.....pretty neat and about 65 degrees in there! They have another sauna room with rocks that look like salt on the floor, you basically sit on top of mats sitting on the salt/rock, oh ya in that one, there is a TV! Nothing like sweating and watching CSI......there is a few saunas like we know back home with wooden walls and benches, one is a "cool sauna" with an air conditioner! WTF??? One is set up to about 75 degrees or freakin hot! In separate areas they have the "bath houses" for men and women, the saunas are coed but the baths are not. They're big "hot tubs" basically with different stuff in the water like green tea and jets to make bubbles for massage. Kinda weird but it was relaxing. Nobody that i have seen goes to this place, I think there was 10 people there besides us. There is a gym down there too, I'm thinkin of joining, i mean its so close and the sauna is included in the very expensive $91 dollar a month charge. $120 if you don't live in the building.
Winter time is almost here, yup I said it LOL time to do some indoor stuff and I think I'm gonna start with going to the free Korean lessons on Saturdays, well there like free you have to make a donation and you can go when you can, there is no obligation to go every week. That's just some stuff I been thinking about.........
Ps- Ms D has cancelled her blog, I think she is starting a twitter account???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bread Crumbs

We went to an arts center to see our friend sing, gotta say this was the first time for me at a flute orchestra/ singing event, but I had fun it was about an hour and a half long. I didn't post any photos of our friend just in case she doesn't want them out there.

The more Gochu's the merrier I say!

Not sure what this rock is about but let's put it at the side of the road!

Artsy stuff at the arts center!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Silent Army In The Trees

Through the graveyard and up for a hike in the mountains

Gochu peppers growing and happy!

This was at the end of the hike. On the way down the mountain someone got creative!

Cool tree and the suburb of Jeonja in the backdrop.

I like hot peppers, so this made me happy!

I think this would be cool for the garden, if I had one! I picked it up, it's heavy like a bowling ball!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lonely End Of The Rink

Today, I tried to get cable, phone and Internet hooked up, there is no barrier like the language barrier that much I can tell you! Out of the three only one got hooked up....the cable tv. The Internet woulda been hooked up except, if you want wireless you have to provide the wireless modem. Try to figure that out from a fella who speaks no English and want to hook my laptop to a cable! He plugged it in, I unplugged it and we had a pissing match like that till we did enough pointy talky to figure out what we were after here.... So all said and done he is coming back next Thursday to hook the rest up. We also have to buy a phone and he will connect it at the same time.
Going to a Jimmy Buffet rooftop party on Friday night, not sure what that's about but hey why not!
Also getting our stuff ...AKA visa's ready to go to Shanghai in October, gotta get that done this weekend too, it cost's $55 for Canadians and $150 for Americans to get a visa into China (as there still communist ruled) Going through a travel agent that Ms D knows, I(we) are super looking forward to that and it's less than a month away!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From The Outhouse To The Penthouse

We moved this weekend this is the difference in apartments! The top vid is the new place and it is much better, cooler and roomy ! The old place was a shoebox and at the best of times was like a sauna!