Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Boats And Hoes

Turns out Seoul has a "Little Russia" We decided to go and check it out
with Borsht in mind....really good Borsht might I add. It was nice to go somewhere
and not hear Korean all the time, not that I understand Russian, Mongolian or Uzbekistanian
but it was nice! The food was great, then we ended up at this "disco" owned by the lady who
also owned the restaurant I don't think we can go back there unfortunately as a few members of our party kinda pissed the locals off, blame the perogies, 5 bottles of vodka, the lost camera or the way the night went I'm just sad we can't go eat there any more :(
this is the restaurant:
The menu is in Russian but we got lucky, one of the girls with us spoke Russian!
Who Knew??

A church I think

LOL these posters were everywhere!

The disco was owned by people from Uzbekistan this was on the wall. I'm guessing someone important to them! Amir Temur

Restaurant and Russian Beer

One of 5 bottles that night.... Good Stuff!

What happens after the 5 bottles to most of us, the pic says it all!

I took this just to Say a mini Hello!

The disco, as you can see we were not affected by the shooters or the perogies!

Korean Lesson # 2
This is the sign outside our apartment it says in red letters "Sauna"
first character makes a "Sh" sound
second is a "AH" sound
the circle means nothing when placed there but the "T" or the third is a "U" sound
Fourth is the L shape or "N" sound and the last one as you already know is an "AH" sound

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