Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect Fifths, Low Skids And Arctic Howls

Some day's I actually forget I'm in Korea, although I'm reminded very fast the second I walk outside.
10 steps outside my door and BOOM instant reminder.
I read the news back home, nothing really new there unless you count that guy getting the shit kicked out of him with a I said nothing new there.
So I'm glad I am where I am for the time being, but from time to time I think about shit I'm missing at home...for example:
Right now it's fall time and I'm missing the Salmon fishing and moose hunting strategy's out at Mono. I'm missing the cows grow some delicious beef out at the farm, not to mention the cold very tasty beer that you just can't get here! This list could go on for a while but you get my point. I think today was one of those days I forgot where I was and the mind was wondering......Something I never had back home was these GIANT size peaches they sell here I ate on for the first time yesterday and man was it Juicy! Best dam peach I have tasted from a tree! Also Dok noodles and Kimchi are two things that are really frickin good, don't think you can get those back home either.....
This weekend there is a birthday party to attend in Little Russia?? Huh? Yeah I guess were going for Borscht and Vodka in Dongdaemun, should be interesting! I have seen some Russians around Itaewon but I didn't know they had there own "Russia town" I'm bringing my camera LOL
I am/we are looking forward to going to China next week should be a 3 day whirlwind!
Can't wait shopping is cheap so place your requests now! Christmas is coming!

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DoubleDee said...

Taking xmas lists already... don't forget me :) You know me, I would be happy with anything....

Hope you have a great trip to China next week... take care!!!