Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lonely End Of The Rink

Today, I tried to get cable, phone and Internet hooked up, there is no barrier like the language barrier that much I can tell you! Out of the three only one got hooked up....the cable tv. The Internet woulda been hooked up except, if you want wireless you have to provide the wireless modem. Try to figure that out from a fella who speaks no English and want to hook my laptop to a cable! He plugged it in, I unplugged it and we had a pissing match like that till we did enough pointy talky to figure out what we were after here.... So all said and done he is coming back next Thursday to hook the rest up. We also have to buy a phone and he will connect it at the same time.
Going to a Jimmy Buffet rooftop party on Friday night, not sure what that's about but hey why not!
Also getting our stuff ...AKA visa's ready to go to Shanghai in October, gotta get that done this weekend too, it cost's $55 for Canadians and $150 for Americans to get a visa into China (as there still communist ruled) Going through a travel agent that Ms D knows, I(we) are super looking forward to that and it's less than a month away!

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