Sunday, September 20, 2009

Courage, My Word

Harley Davidson of Korea, was gonna buy a T-shirt till I went in and looked at the prices $120

Spelling here in Korea when it comes to English is rather poor, I see at least 10 signs a day that make me laugh the one above was today's.

Monster pig outside the Thai embassy of labour.

I spent a couple hours walking around Itaewon or "little America" on Saturday, while Teri got her hair done. It's called little America because there is a military base in Iteawon, and it's full of American soldiers and their family's. Also it is home to many migrate workers from just about any country you can think of. On the upside you can get pretty much any food, any size clothing and all other comforts of home but it's not cheap! On the downside it's dirty, stinky and full of annoying vendors who harass you as you walk by! Speaking of vendors check this one out!

Very importand lesson #1

How to read the word Pizza in Korean. The red lettering actually says "P-I-CH-A or pizza!

Had a good weekend, played alot of pool and badminton! Lookng forward to a sauna in my near future! In the not so near future, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get back to Canada is go see The Hip!

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Alkamoia said...

I sorry I saw them...but if you want to check out the concert here in Edmonton, check out You Tube - there's bit and pieces of some songs. We will go when you get back!! ... dont fret - Gordy still has a few years of touring!!