Thursday, September 17, 2009

When You Can Squak And Wait For Word From Above, And Change Yourself Into something You Love!

For some odd reason, these little cars have caught my eye, besides the fact there everywhere here with cool paint jobs.....they look like alot of fun to drive!
Ohhh ya and there not cheap! Look it up!
We got our visa's to go to china today! well actually 2 days ago
I'm not sure whats up with the passport people, when they stamp or place a visa in your passport one would think they would start on page 1 and go from there
When I arrived here in Korea my immigration stamp is on page 17
My Chinese visa is on pg 22
Maybe they don't know about page 1???
we'll see what Japan does when I go there LOL
Really looking forward to that trip anyhow it's coming fast! 2 weeks away.
Also it's September seventeen....not sure what thats about click here

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