Monday, July 28, 2008

This Worlds a Rollercoaster And Im Not strapped In

Good morning
Saw the movie "Get Smart" this weekend
We went to the cheap seats at the old Cumberland cinema
we arrived on time and ended up being late due to the fact
the theatre does not accept debt cards
cash on the dash only and dash we did
right to the bank machine and back
The movie reminded me of a cross between the
Pink Panther and Naked gun
twas funny and an enjoyable evening

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sing Another Prarie Tune

Somebody told me to read the obituary's today.
I said why
He said that maybe you'll know someone, maybe one of your friends could be in there
also he said one day you'll be in there
I told him I would look I did I did not know anyone(this is a good thing)
then I told him I'm gonna live forever cause only the good die young!
and we laughed......but I was serious
Have a Good Weekend!
PS- Name the movie the wallet at the top is from and There's a free air guitar in it for you

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Fallin Like space Junk

Good to know since we are camping in BC this summer
That's right SeAn And Teri Coming to A beer tent near you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In some Respects, I Suspect You've Got A Respectable Side

The road trip is coming fast and furious
Lots to do before departure
during my tour to pick up Ms doodle
I am in need of some soul searching
Lots to think about
ya know the questions like
What are you gonna do with your job situation?
my opinion changes daily on that question
I have 729 days (from today)
till I been here or more importantly
paid into the pension board for ten years
The magic of ten is something to hold out for
except for the fact I work for a bunch of turkeys
The job is good the department is a gong show.
Then there's questions like
What are you gonna do if you quit?
move, not likely
work 2 or 3 part time jobs?
take up juggling?
One things for sure I won't be as financially able
but I'll be alot happier
there's also questions or possibilities like
What happens if the turkeys I work for get fired?
If I'm still here it would be the happiest day in casino history !!
If I'm not here then it's like shooting myself in the foot
because I actually like the job and people here most of em
seriously tho that is not likely
So I'm gonna ride the wave for a bit and
who knows what August will bring
but I tell ya if I'm gone and the place gets blow'd up
I won't be as sad as the storm trooper

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Plan To Elucidate The Meaning Of The Song. 

This is a 1950's menu
The fine print is hilarious
I would order a Bacon Tomato sandwich and a shake
It would cost a grand total of $0.75 + tip
Today you can't even get the straw for that price

Monday, July 21, 2008

Came Dancing Across The Water

Weekend was fantastic and also took it's toll
Dragon boats and beer
My competitive team came 7th out of 47 teams
That wins you a kick ass medal
The women's team I was steering for came 42 out of 47
they are all beginners but had a blast splashing around
Nervously I successfully guided their vessel for three races
and I got a promotion
next year I am the competitive teams steersperson
Ms doodle took lot's of pics and as soon as I get my hands on em
I will show ya'all what you missed!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rougher Then A Pornstars Crotch

I woulda liked to film the fish we caught but there were none!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Packing Is A Secret Art

so much going on
only so much time
blog has been neglected
I know
been soul searching
well mostly dreaming
check out Dark Island castle

What's going on ......

Dragon Boats this weekend
Always a riot no matter the weather
gonna have some photos for sure

I was trying to continue my Lake Superior spiel
including Silver Islet that we were visiting this past weekend
It was truthfully just turning into a history lesson
but expect some kinda post on that sometime soon
I'm three for three in getting skunked out fishing
on Superior
this last Saturday was really bouncy out there
so at least there was some excitement !!

I have some video I'm gonna post when I get a chance No fish were harmed or caught during the making of the video

Friday, July 11, 2008

Frustration Corner

Summer Weather and gas prices are alike
you can complain about em
but were all in the same boat
As we get
what we get
were getting ripped off.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Words I carry In My Heart

One little interesting spot in or on lake Superior is
Ms Doodle and I one day are gonna take the trip
do some kayaking at the Apostle islands and Sea caves
(Pictured above)
Apparently Bayfield is a short drive from
Superior WI and It looks like a cool little town
with lots to do depending on the time of year!

Rock On Wonton!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Dinner's On Fire While She Watches TV

Continuing with my little spiel about Lake Superior
We went to Silver Harbour(pictured above) for a little stroll around
It's one of my favorite places to go and relax, think or smoke a Joint
It was nice out that day so it was crowded with campers and boaters
but it is still a neat little retreat!
The waves were rolling in and splashing against the rocks
with a view and a half of the lake on a sunny day, All we were missing was this!
The Boston whaler
AKA the Unsinkable boat and to me that means alot out on the Gitche gumee
We saw a guy and his two buddy's howl out from silver harbour in a nice size boat he got about 50 feet and there outboard motor died
they fiddled and bounced around out there for a good 5 minutes
then he got it going and carried on
Call me crazy but I think you want to make sure your O/B works before you go play in meter and a half waves......just sayin!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bloody Well Right

Spent quite a bit of time in my life
out on the big lake that sits at our doorstep
recently I have become more intrigued on
the facts and figures of Lake superior
I spent a few hours out on the lake
Monday morning and Saturday morning
as we attempted to catch the elusive salmon
I sat there and thought we are lucky to have such
a famous and massive body of water a stones throw away
Outside the break wall rollers coming in
about a mile out there was a salty
a huge boat anchored and sitting idle
Anyhoo the cool part was we took a cruise around the ship
just to check it out and the crew was painting the booms of the cranes
out in the middle of the lake
I had a vision where if a guy painting fell it would be a helluva ride
off the crane then down another 30-40ft to the frigid lake
then how do you get back on the ship?
cold and wet maybe a little hurt
Then I started thinking I would like to go for a little ride on
one of these lake ships maybe from here to Sault Ste Marie or something
It would be fun but not for a living
then I saw this.......

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Beautiful Thing

Well to tell you the truth I guess post number 300
was supposed to be more exciting then this however
this is it.....this is it ahhhhh prime time deliverance
Five days off and it went by like that
Camping was fantastic despite a weather concern like rain
We never got to the island because someone else beat us there
but camping on the main land was ummmm AOK
Collected driftwood via canoe to get our campfire goin
beers cold and the fire was goin
As promised Steak and eggs were on the menu
or on the grill so to speak, nothing like open flame cookin
I also did not do my Canada day question this year :(
usually I will ask the question and post a photo of some sexy Canadian bikini
Truth is we have been busy kids and I missed the window.
Went salmon fishing for a few hours on lake superior Monday morning
got skunked but it was fun no less
During my five days off I also felt a little guilty not bloggin
then today I was like I should write something meaningless or not