Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Dinner's On Fire While She Watches TV

Continuing with my little spiel about Lake Superior
We went to Silver Harbour(pictured above) for a little stroll around
It's one of my favorite places to go and relax, think or smoke a Joint
It was nice out that day so it was crowded with campers and boaters
but it is still a neat little retreat!
The waves were rolling in and splashing against the rocks
with a view and a half of the lake on a sunny day, All we were missing was this!
The Boston whaler
AKA the Unsinkable boat and to me that means alot out on the Gitche gumee
We saw a guy and his two buddy's howl out from silver harbour in a nice size boat he got about 50 feet and there outboard motor died
they fiddled and bounced around out there for a good 5 minutes
then he got it going and carried on
Call me crazy but I think you want to make sure your O/B works before you go play in meter and a half waves......just sayin!

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