Monday, July 7, 2008

Bloody Well Right

Spent quite a bit of time in my life
out on the big lake that sits at our doorstep
recently I have become more intrigued on
the facts and figures of Lake superior
I spent a few hours out on the lake
Monday morning and Saturday morning
as we attempted to catch the elusive salmon
I sat there and thought we are lucky to have such
a famous and massive body of water a stones throw away
Outside the break wall rollers coming in
about a mile out there was a salty
a huge boat anchored and sitting idle
Anyhoo the cool part was we took a cruise around the ship
just to check it out and the crew was painting the booms of the cranes
out in the middle of the lake
I had a vision where if a guy painting fell it would be a helluva ride
off the crane then down another 30-40ft to the frigid lake
then how do you get back on the ship?
cold and wet maybe a little hurt
Then I started thinking I would like to go for a little ride on
one of these lake ships maybe from here to Sault Ste Marie or something
It would be fun but not for a living
then I saw this.......

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