Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Beautiful Thing

Well to tell you the truth I guess post number 300
was supposed to be more exciting then this however
this is it.....this is it ahhhhh prime time deliverance
Five days off and it went by like that
Camping was fantastic despite a weather concern like rain
We never got to the island because someone else beat us there
but camping on the main land was ummmm AOK
Collected driftwood via canoe to get our campfire goin
beers cold and the fire was goin
As promised Steak and eggs were on the menu
or on the grill so to speak, nothing like open flame cookin
I also did not do my Canada day question this year :(
usually I will ask the question and post a photo of some sexy Canadian bikini
Truth is we have been busy kids and I missed the window.
Went salmon fishing for a few hours on lake superior Monday morning
got skunked but it was fun no less
During my five days off I also felt a little guilty not bloggin
then today I was like I should write something meaningless or not

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