Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In some Respects, I Suspect You've Got A Respectable Side

The road trip is coming fast and furious
Lots to do before departure
during my tour to pick up Ms doodle
I am in need of some soul searching
Lots to think about
ya know the questions like
What are you gonna do with your job situation?
my opinion changes daily on that question
I have 729 days (from today)
till I been here or more importantly
paid into the pension board for ten years
The magic of ten is something to hold out for
except for the fact I work for a bunch of turkeys
The job is good the department is a gong show.
Then there's questions like
What are you gonna do if you quit?
move, not likely
work 2 or 3 part time jobs?
take up juggling?
One things for sure I won't be as financially able
but I'll be alot happier
there's also questions or possibilities like
What happens if the turkeys I work for get fired?
If I'm still here it would be the happiest day in casino history !!
If I'm not here then it's like shooting myself in the foot
because I actually like the job and people here most of em
seriously tho that is not likely
So I'm gonna ride the wave for a bit and
who knows what August will bring
but I tell ya if I'm gone and the place gets blow'd up
I won't be as sad as the storm trooper

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