Friday, February 29, 2008

No Eyes Just There Stupid Grins

It's the end of the month
you know how I know this
All the bums that sit around the casino
are gambling
For the rest of the month they just sit
and drink free coffee
Sad but true......

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Electric Worry

I got a girl with a mind like a diamond
I got a girl who knows whats best
I got a girl with shoes that cut.....
Wait no I don't
Summers almost here, the debate has been footwear
flip-flops or crocs
colourful or white
a tough choice
either way those ugly little shoes
are top of the line
Ask me I know.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dam It Feels Good To Be A Gangster...

I think someone is secretly slipping me laxatives
Good thing we don't have taco's every night
Good thing today is quiet at work
Good thing I brought a magazine
OK Enough shit talk
I have a little choice to make
As ya'all might remember I need a new job
The uncertainty of the future is really buggin me
Then today after I dropped a bomb
I get a bomb dropped on me
Word in the bathroom has it that if you work here for 10+ years
I can take the benefit package with me wherever I go when I retire
That's 2 more years of Sucking it up
and when the time comes to collect a pension
I will have benefits
That's important
so is my sanity
I wish life came with a manual
I would be lookin for pg 32.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She's Changing Her Name From Kitty To Karen, She's Trading Her MG For A White Chrysler le-Baron

I'm not dead don't worry
Just a bit of a writers block going on
Then I got this email

Hello there.
Just wanted to let you all know, for those staff that aren't aware of what their blood type is
and are wanting the food lists, the Canadian Blood Services will be at the Confederation College
on next Wednesday, March 5th, from 11-1pm, in the Student Lounge to do blood typing.

I been doing a little reading on the subject of
eating for your blood type
I'm a A+ Witch basically means ALOT of the foods I love
are on the list of dont's
Maybe a Chicken or turkey and red wine diet is in order?
since beer and beef are no no's
I don't think I could put a honest effort into the list of food do's and dont's
but it is a very interesting thing to know
You know what else is interesting
I bet 2 out of every 5 people
don't even know there own blood type.

You heard it here first folks and to that I say
Good Day!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Heaven On Earth With An Onion Slice

Looks Like there's some blog-stalkery going on!
In other news
When I was in the Facilities department
I used to be a nice guy
Now I'm Just a
There it is folks
weekend fromage!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show Our Skin In Picture Windows , Sit Around Cross Legged On The Floor

I read the paper
I read the news
It all says the price of gas
will be $1.50 l by springtime
I thought money was bad now
wait it is
So I feel like
I gotta train for the budget olympics
not the one's in Vancouver
the one's in my own town,
the one's I was forced to compete in
A very wise man once said in a portugese accent
"It's a tough life being poor"
He's right.
know what else I was thinking
If the next lunar eclipse happens in 2010
(December I believe)
The Winter olympics also starts in 2010
(not sure what month but it's winter duh..)
It would be a "nice touch" for Canada
If the countrys of the world
saw the eclipse from the olympic stage.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And Justice For All

I took a four day weekend
and I enjoyed it
Four Stix
There's a lunar eclipse tonight and
It's supposed to be clear out
Good for ice cold viewing
So tonight I will be freezing,
and singing this little ditty

"maybe we're born lost
born to persevere
honey I'd walk into your painting
until I'd reappeared
as a speck of comet-tail dust
a blue-green northern light
flickering just
in your eyes' deepest ravines
goodnight goodnight Josephine"

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Ontario, My country Life

My Friend Bear Attack AKA Chris did a dam good job making this Video

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lovers and Sinners

Valentine's day is over-rated
Everything is twice the price
but you know a quick way to being single
or getting lots of calices
Forget your Valentine on Valentines day
bottom line= your done
On the radio this morning
They were giving out stats and hints to this V-Day
apparently 40% of men have forgotten V Day
Unless your dating an ostrich and her head is in the sand
Your done
To avoid the rush of today
To avoid the -40 weather tonight
Ms Strudelnoodlezoodlepoodle and myself
went out to eat a fancy smancy meal for two

On the menu:
Soup and crusty rolls
Salmon w/horseradish sauce
Wild Mushroom Struddle w/ roasted red pepper coulis
Passion Fruit Sorbet
veal tenderloin and Jumbo Prawn
fruit tart with maple flavoured anglais

You did not get a choice
It was a set menu
Twas a very very good meal.
It was put on by the Con College students
Although i feel sorry for the dishwasher
there was 12pc cutlery per person
I learned what there all for
Lemme tell ya we rolled outta there full and fat
Although those rich folks and there etiquette
is strange man
just strange.

Happy Valentines Day to you and to yours!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Thing

Ordered some panzo's for supper yesterday
2 hours it took to get em delivered
They were good but were Never ordering
again unless picking it up is an option.
Tomorrow is the day I write my test
The first of any kinda test in years
Pipefittery 101
When all goes well I can leave casinoland
and embark on a new journey
The fear of the unknown is in the back of mind
but the fire under my ass keeps burning

Monday, February 11, 2008

Trickle Down

Today more then ever I did not want to come into work
The weekend just flew by
Movies Friday
Juno what I mean
Party on Saturday
Then the real fun started
Pipes of the frozen kind on a Sunday morning
Number of taps not working 3
Number of holes in the wall 6
Number of swears per hour 69
I had a good friend come over to listen and calm me down
Ms Zoodlepoodlenoodledoodle also listened to me rant all day
for that I say thanks,
I'm not the man
when Im stressed.
After a long day it all worked out
Once again I was the man

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Have It All That Matters, And I Lose By Defult

Things I felt like today
- A hostage who will drive
- A goldfish in a bowl swimming in circles bumping into the glass
- A chicken salad sandwich
I am fairly certain that it has lots to do with work and the fear of the unknown
Homelife is good minus a few "tiny" issues
Like the fact that everything in the house smells like onions
Work is work
I got a comment from an Anonymous reader
wanting to know what's with facebook
Here ya go
Well to start I have over 375 "friends" on there
I might talk to 50 of em regularly So I gotta ask If facebook did not exsist
would I be in contact with the other 300+ probably not
I think it was a race in the beginning for a bit on who can have more friends
Don't get me wrong I have got in touch with alot of people who moved
through facebook but if I was important enough to them,
do ya think I would have lost touch in the first place?
That's a tough call
I think when I go home today Im gonna clean up my facebook
get rid of the people I don't or ever talk to
What the hell It's better for the enviroment I think.

Monday, February 4, 2008

If Heavens For Clean people........ It's Vacant

A great weekend
followed by a A terrible cold
I'm A big suck when I'm sick
A great girl
To put up with me and my ailments
I'm Spoiled and There's another reason I love her!

As predicted The Giants won The Superbowl
at 12-1 odds $20 woulda made me $220
I did not bet which is unfortunate
I missed the poker game too due to my cold
This is also unfortunate
got lots of sleep tho
and I can honestly say I'm feeling better

I was thinking on the walk to work this am
You know when you know someone from work
or through a friend
You know in the back of your mind
you don't really "fit in" with these people
You know they don't really care for you
or care how your really doing
they look down on you wearing there suits
but you say Hi anyway and of course they feel obligated
to resond as they get into the van and I'm walking
I decided fuk it Im not going outta my way
to be polite to a bunch of renta cop chumps
Don't even get me started about facebook.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Hard To Say Who Ya Are These Days

Happy Febuary
I won a fancy smancy dinner for two at the college dining room
$100 value Thank god now Valentines day is dealt with
and for once I'm looking forward to it
So you know and I know it's Friday
Believe it or not Im looking forward to monday
cause I can win the hundred bucks on the radio
this time around they put a 2 week limit
meaning you can win once every two weeks.
on the agenda for the weekend in no particular order
- Hockey Games x2
-UFC Tomorrow with Ms Doodle
- Hopefully a poker game while football is on
ps Im going for the upset and I hope NY wins
sportselect odds I heard are 12-1 New england
We'll See
Have a Good weekend Folks!