Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lovers and Sinners

Valentine's day is over-rated
Everything is twice the price
but you know a quick way to being single
or getting lots of calices
Forget your Valentine on Valentines day
bottom line= your done
On the radio this morning
They were giving out stats and hints to this V-Day
apparently 40% of men have forgotten V Day
Unless your dating an ostrich and her head is in the sand
Your done
To avoid the rush of today
To avoid the -40 weather tonight
Ms Strudelnoodlezoodlepoodle and myself
went out to eat a fancy smancy meal for two

On the menu:
Soup and crusty rolls
Salmon w/horseradish sauce
Wild Mushroom Struddle w/ roasted red pepper coulis
Passion Fruit Sorbet
veal tenderloin and Jumbo Prawn
fruit tart with maple flavoured anglais

You did not get a choice
It was a set menu
Twas a very very good meal.
It was put on by the Con College students
Although i feel sorry for the dishwasher
there was 12pc cutlery per person
I learned what there all for
Lemme tell ya we rolled outta there full and fat
Although those rich folks and there etiquette
is strange man
just strange.

Happy Valentines Day to you and to yours!

1 comment:

Alison said...

Happy Valentines Sean & Teri...hope you guys had a great dinner!! Sounds like it was good!! Give me a call this weekend...extra long weekend, Family day, day!! Wooo Hooo!
Love, Al*