Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She's Changing Her Name From Kitty To Karen, She's Trading Her MG For A White Chrysler le-Baron

I'm not dead don't worry
Just a bit of a writers block going on
Then I got this email

Hello there.
Just wanted to let you all know, for those staff that aren't aware of what their blood type is
and are wanting the food lists, the Canadian Blood Services will be at the Confederation College
on next Wednesday, March 5th, from 11-1pm, in the Student Lounge to do blood typing.

I been doing a little reading on the subject of
eating for your blood type
I'm a A+ Witch basically means ALOT of the foods I love
are on the list of dont's
Maybe a Chicken or turkey and red wine diet is in order?
since beer and beef are no no's
I don't think I could put a honest effort into the list of food do's and dont's
but it is a very interesting thing to know
You know what else is interesting
I bet 2 out of every 5 people
don't even know there own blood type.

You heard it here first folks and to that I say
Good Day!


Teri said...

look here, mr. type a
you asked for chicken for dinner
and then mentioned that beef is on sale at the store.
what's a housewife to do..?
ps--i've decided that we're going vegan.

Anonymous said...

i know my blood type: Hot

Shannon said...

o+ what can i eat??