Monday, February 4, 2008

If Heavens For Clean people........ It's Vacant

A great weekend
followed by a A terrible cold
I'm A big suck when I'm sick
A great girl
To put up with me and my ailments
I'm Spoiled and There's another reason I love her!

As predicted The Giants won The Superbowl
at 12-1 odds $20 woulda made me $220
I did not bet which is unfortunate
I missed the poker game too due to my cold
This is also unfortunate
got lots of sleep tho
and I can honestly say I'm feeling better

I was thinking on the walk to work this am
You know when you know someone from work
or through a friend
You know in the back of your mind
you don't really "fit in" with these people
You know they don't really care for you
or care how your really doing
they look down on you wearing there suits
but you say Hi anyway and of course they feel obligated
to resond as they get into the van and I'm walking
I decided fuk it Im not going outta my way
to be polite to a bunch of renta cop chumps
Don't even get me started about facebook.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with facebook, aren't you on it?? I wouldn't entertain people i dont care for either, why say hi, if you don't care anyways?