Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show Our Skin In Picture Windows , Sit Around Cross Legged On The Floor

I read the paper
I read the news
It all says the price of gas
will be $1.50 l by springtime
I thought money was bad now
wait it is
So I feel like
I gotta train for the budget olympics
not the one's in Vancouver
the one's in my own town,
the one's I was forced to compete in
A very wise man once said in a portugese accent
"It's a tough life being poor"
He's right.
know what else I was thinking
If the next lunar eclipse happens in 2010
(December I believe)
The Winter olympics also starts in 2010
(not sure what month but it's winter duh..)
It would be a "nice touch" for Canada
If the countrys of the world
saw the eclipse from the olympic stage.

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