Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Have It All That Matters, And I Lose By Defult

Things I felt like today
- A hostage who will drive
- A goldfish in a bowl swimming in circles bumping into the glass
- A chicken salad sandwich
I am fairly certain that it has lots to do with work and the fear of the unknown
Homelife is good minus a few "tiny" issues
Like the fact that everything in the house smells like onions
Work is work
I got a comment from an Anonymous reader
wanting to know what's with facebook
Here ya go
Well to start I have over 375 "friends" on there
I might talk to 50 of em regularly So I gotta ask If facebook did not exsist
would I be in contact with the other 300+ probably not
I think it was a race in the beginning for a bit on who can have more friends
Don't get me wrong I have got in touch with alot of people who moved
through facebook but if I was important enough to them,
do ya think I would have lost touch in the first place?
That's a tough call
I think when I go home today Im gonna clean up my facebook
get rid of the people I don't or ever talk to
What the hell It's better for the enviroment I think.

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