Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Added Flour Weight

Time and time again I have heard the same thing
Time and time again people have said
things like
"my mom's perogies are the best"
" my grandma makes the best perogies"
" I make perogies and there the best"
" the secret to great perogies is the dough"
"old chedder cheese makes the best perogies"
I'm a fan of good old perogies but really what makes em the best?
now I can tell you if they don't fall apart and there cheesy then there's
nothing wrong with em
Basically there is the same ingredients in every persons perogie
Little variations here and there
but you get what I mean
There is also sauerkraut perogies and too this day I have only
had one version of these beauty's and personally I do like em better!
I have also heard of blueberry perogies with a sugar sauce
never had em but I know they exist
Perogies are alot of work
Anyway you cut em there a tonne of work
God knows what you have to do to make em" the best ."

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Have not been here in awhile so an update
Well I made it, surgery went well!
I would be lying if I said it was not painful.
probably the worst pain I have experienced
Good thing for morphine anyhoo now I am doin awesome
and getting better every day
Bordem is actually gonna kill me I think
strapped to a mini IV machine at home here for 5 more weeks
Ms doodle has been a lifesaver through this whole ordeal

Christmas was very good We had a kick ass dinner
Prime rib with all the fixins
Prepared by my Mom here at our house
I have enjoyed alot of time here at home
company popping in and out
but like i said the bordem aka these four walls are killing me
The funny thing is I really have no where to go but the fact
I can't go anywhere because of my no riding in vehicle rule
is getting to me
to and from hospital only Dr's orders
So what am I doin
well becoming a nosey neighbour, watching the tube, surfin the net,sleeping alot
and going for short walks is OK too but my neck gets sore if I have to
support it on it's own for too long
I have a nurse that comes to the house once a day to change bandages ect
other then that its these four walls
Got a Tom Petty rockumentory for Christmas
four hours of how he started and how he got to where he is
I really enjoyed the video not to mention all the cool tunes
so in the words of Tom
and fitting to my current situation
The waiting is the hardest part.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Eyeballs Deep In Muddy Water

As you may or may not know
I am slated for emergency neck surgery
One way to fast track your self through the system
is to have a extreme injury or a non specific injury
I would rather have to wait three years and have a plain old surgery
that's just me but this is not the case here however
My Doctor is awesome and in it's own little way
it kinda eases my mind that He is really good at what he does
My mind has been one hundred different places every minute since Friday
Ms Doodle is very understanding even when
I'm like Oscar the grouch, a space cadet and a happy guy all rolled into one.
For that I'm thankful......of course my family for always being there or via telephone
I wish work was more understanding but according to my doctor I have nothing more important
in my life right now then this surgery
So I gotta do what I gotta do and if the shit hits the fan
at least I will be around for the mess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's No Sense In Pretending, Your Eyes Give You Away

If I lift up my jeep to look like the one in the picture
Ms Doodle says she won't ride with me
I think she's bluffing
it all started when a big red neck lookin truck
was outside our place and plowing the neighbours driveway
Out the window I was like "look at the nice truck"
She was like " your such a hick"
seriously tho look it is a nice truck
then she's like "you have a new jeep whats with the truck envy?"
I'm like "true maybe I'll lift that"
she's like " I won't ride with you"
so i started with the
"It is a much safer when your big on the road story"
she didn't buy it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I went to a friend of a friends garage
the place was bigger then most single family houses
I think he said it was 40' X 60' with 24' ceilings
A huge heavy equipment shop with all the bells and whistles
Now granted that would be a bit overkill for a guy like me
however I think I would be alot more productive with the
things that always need fixing if I had a garage
check that a garage with heat I mean
Now I'm not greedy....enough room for the jeep or the Tardis
and room to work plus a little storage space is
all I ask for

Simple in my brain except for the fact of the $30,000
building cost that comes with it.
Sometimes I wonder how people acquire all this stuff
or where they plant the money tree!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm dabbling in the world of acoustic guitar
O don't get me wrong I have no idea how to play
Internet videos and some practice should serve me well
One more thing that's been a good idea is do it when Ms Doodle is not home!

I got a little of the Christmas shopping done this past weekend
When I say a little I mean one gift
there is a few more people on the list tho
a few more people out there that I have no clue what to get for em
I got some time and some time off from work coming up
so this should not be a problem.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sunshine Of Your Love

Today is Ms Doodle's Birthday
We have grown a year older together
and I love everything about that!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Short Wave Radio

I did a self help test to see if I'm burnt out
If your bored you can try it free here
My score was 40 = Borderline burnout
People wonder why I drink beer!

In other news the Sean Avery
stunt was Hilar , it proves people out there can't take a joke.
He wanted to get the Flames wound up
so they would be off there game
Dallas actually won the game
but it backfired for him
now he's suspended
I thought it was pretty ballzee
on his behalf
You can watch the clip here

Monday, December 1, 2008

But If He Comes Back Again, Tell him To Wait Right Here For Me Or Just Try Again Tomorrow.....

If you ever go to the movies
and freeze your ass off while watching the film
You can complain and get free passes

Ms Doodle and I saw James bond on the weekend
A Fantastic action packed movie
except we were watching it with toques and mitts on
Shakin not stirred
Someone somewhere really fucked up on the temp setting
so we and two other couples complained and scored free passes!
On the bright side tho the pop stayed cold!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes The Same Is Different, But mostly It's The Same

This was the day when I allegedly won the Hundred bucks on the radio
I hope I find another cool contest to play soon
I could possibly get a better photo of myself to display publically
in this one I'm smiling with tiredness and the cash is long gone!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Was out and about yesterday
I see this sign on the pin-up board
It says:

Garmin GPS
somewhere in current river area
If found please call

Now is it me or is that not Hilarious???

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Higher Then The Building

The usual thing for me is
I don't ever remember my dreams
once the foot hits the floor there gone with no memory
However this morning
I remembered a little bit of the dream I was having
not much Just a little
There was an extra large baby blue book in the dream
don't ask me who was there or where I was
but the book was titled
" Meatballs
$$ "
Seriously WTF is that about ????
The freaky part is that when I got to work today
Meatball subs are on sale in the staff cafe.....

moving on here
I have a question
Why do stores that sell clothes like in a mall
find it necessary to play crap dance music at full volume?
Does it help you shop?
does it help you with customer service?

I was just wondering cause it seems to be a trend!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Credit Time For Showing Up Again

Had a great birthday!
Has it really been 33 yrs?
yup I guess it has
3 weeks till Ms Doodles birthday
I'm excited
I'm also excited for tomorrows poker
then poker party
yet another celebration
win money at or lose money at
either way were gonna eat and drink

I have a love hate relationship this time of year
I love all the eat drink and be merry stuff
I hate the fact the bank account takes a beating
Speaking of bank accounts
I was approved for a vehicle loan
so today I'm going to look at a jeep
there's a few of em out there but this one is nice!
I'm not too fond of the extra payment I just acquired
but I am a fan of a newer kick ass reliable ride

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jeep Volleyball

I have found that
there is alot of scammers on
kijji/ebay/craigs list
remember the post about the dishwasher
buyer who wanted all my bank info and stuff
I found a steal of a deal on a jeep
I contact the guy and it all sounds legit
then he tells me via email the jeep is in St Johns NB
It was listed in Winnipeg's kijji (red flag #1)
I email him back and based on his price
I would go to NB and pick it up
So I tell him I am interested, I have a ton of questions
and I would like his phone number instead of a bunch of back and forth emails
I ask for his phone #
He apparently just moved and does not have one(red flag#2)
Now I am looking for someone I know
or someone someone knows in NB to go see if he is
for really real
I don't think it is but it's worth a shot.
I really need a new vehicle or ms doodle
will kill me if the old jeep doesn't

Monday, November 10, 2008


Had a fantastic weekend!
it came to a halt with the Monday alarms
Today friends of mine just took off to Vegas for a week
and the only thing that pisses me off about that
is the day they leave it's freakin cold out
I'm here freezing and there bubbling and tanning
In effort to combat this problem
I went and picked myself up a passport application
Since Im not really good at stuff like that
Ms doodle will help me fill it out i hope....
We were talking about Cuba which sounds fun
and cheap and fun and sunny!
yet to work out the details but maybe April is a good month

To go to Vegas would be cool to but we were
talking and a week there I think would be a bit much.
Since we don't really gamble and there's only so many things to walk around and see
Of course there is other things to do there
Grand canyon, Hoover dam,helicopter rides ect, ect
I can't remember the name of it but there is a highway
around there called Devil's canyon, devils highway something like that
anyhoo it has no speed limit and is supposed to be quite the road to experience
Anyone know what it's called?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bumperstickers I Like

Out Of A Job Yet?
Keep Buying Foreign!

Think Fast Hippie

If you Can read this
I lost my trailer

It's a Jeep thing

If you can't change your mind
Are you sure you still have one?

Earth's full go home

If you can read this
roll me over(written upsidedown)

Support lakehead search and rescue
Get Lost!

If I were in an F18
I would be home by now

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Backwards Into A Wall Of Fire

Well Sirius radio came out with a Led Zeppelin channel
to me that's pretty cool
so last night I went for a drive and cranked some channel 12
Driving around aimlessly and rocking out
I thought it woulda been cool to see them in concert
I say woulda cause I don't think that's ever gonna happen
there is rumor of a reunion tour but who knows
I was too young to see the concert above
however the Date is significant here
why you ask?
It does not really matter
What does matter is
The tickets would probably cost alot
The concert would be no where near here guaranteed
I can't quit you baby and
In reference to the title
Strange days are coming.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Wonder What It's Like To Be The Rainmaker

Here's my prediction
I have not really watched any of the US campaigning
but I think Obama will win tonight's election
McCain is quite old and supports the war, not to mention if he dies Palin will be in charge
That's scary!! remember she wants to build a bridge to nowhere....
Also if Obama wins the fact the US has never had a black president
and the fact there were 2 attempts on his life already definitely went through my mind
Anyhow no matter what happens it's scary for Canada
and the rest of the world.
So let's hope something good comes outta this!
Enough political mumbojumbo
On a side note here Do you think there is people out there who's main goal
in life is to send spam faxes through there fax machine to yours everyday?
email I understand but fax machines .....are you serious?

Monday, November 3, 2008

There's A Shadow On the Moon Tonight

Happy Monday!
Had a great weekend !
Friday i worked and went to the bar after
as the DD to Pick up the sister and ms D
Who seemed to enjoy lots of shooters
at a halloween slash going away party
I saw some nerfty costumes and some shady ones too
I was dressed up as the guy who just got off work
and to tell you the truth I really don't miss the bar scene
however for the short time i was there it was Fun!
Saturday was a chill day tho I managed to get some
doin's around the house done
I thought to myself puttering around
Where do fruit fly's come from?
It's not like I put half rotten fruit out and open my screen door
but for some reason they randomly show up everywhere
I heard a few theroys like they live in the fruit, ect ect..
Im still confused as to where they do come from.....
No more fruit for this guy.
Yesterday i went to pick up the snowmobile from the farm
It had broken down last year around Christmas right in the middle
of a field
So I figure it was time to get er fixed
Almost got the jeep stuck in the mud
however we made it
persistence pays off
So does four wheel drive!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Woke up with this in my head
I really don't feel like typing much today so I leave you this.......A Classic!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just A Rant

Won a game of poker Saturday Night
Made me feel a bit smarter
In truth I guess it is luck
But hey that's why It's called gambling
Who's got the luck?
I can tell you this tho
I'm good cause Ms Doodle also gave my drunk ass a ride home
and I had money in da pocket.
I left several messages with some people
"poker Sat at the man's"
Kinda felt like a pest and still I got no response
So there will be no more of that
I actually broke my "I call three separate times" rule
of course the calls are spaced out over a few days/week
but It was disappointing that I could not get some of the old crowd
to come and play
PS- the rest of the rule is "if no response within the three calls
Your Out ."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

If You Love Me Won't Ya Let Me Know

I found a new website
Could be my new favorite
Ms D Says it is like the "for Dummies" books
but only on the net
It is everything you want to look up but
All on video
check it out here
I think I will use it for food recipes
even tho it is blan and kinda slow
the essentials are there and
hey we all cook more in the winter.

Monday, October 27, 2008

And The Himmler On This One Is There's No Dessert

Got to talking about smokehouses
One day I would really like to build one
Well actually two
one for fish and one for meat
realistically tho
I will be lucky to build one
In the shape or similar shape to an outhouse
the smoke would come out where the seat woulda been
You would have a long enough pipe from the stove outside
to control the heat
and some sort of racking system to hang your meat

The secret to a good smoked meat is in the brine
Now All I need is a country piece of property
some wood and some time

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Crazy With The Cheese Whiz

Things are so so
Same shit from day to day
Were gonna try some new stuff
Now I know you were thinking
Cheese whiz , ms doodle and I where's this going?
Boyfriend Intuition says this is no good so I will stop there.

We had our first anniversary together on Sunday
Hard to believe how fast time flies when your having fun
We Went to the Thunder Bay lookout
I never been there before, it was pretty high and windy
The view spectacular as it was coulda been better
but because of the fog it was limited
Anyhoo another boyfriend intuition moment says
don't try to get her to come out to the end of the lookout
with you if she's scared of heights and your bouncing around.
I love her and Were still dating

Ok back to the new stuff
I emailed the college today to find out about
the Purchasing course, I been talkin about taking
for the last 6 years
If all goes well I will wrap up my 639 days left here
and graduate from that course at the same time!
Out with the old... In with the new!
I also thought about taking a multimedia course
I do have a face for radio so that would work
and it would be soooooo fun however
The deciding factor was the fact that purchasers make more
cashola then radio personalities
In my 32 years here I learned Fun does not pay the bills.
The next step is talk to the bank
I wanna up my RRSP payment due tho the fact I have two jobs now
It will help come tax time
Also cause I am gonna need cash
for: tuition
a newer vehicle and more cheese whiz!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Used To Rule The World

"Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work
and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house
you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it."
- Ellen Goodman

Best quote I have seen in awhile, it got me thinking
I don't think I was put on this planet to do what the above says
or somewhere along the way I missed my calling
however that's how it works and whats the alternative?
rob a bank, win the lottery or find a red ocean
I also realized I and most peeps I know are getting to
be older, successful and or not
That being said you start to think about the
"what have I done with the first half of my existence"
It's kinda scary really, however that's them, this is me
I do what i can.......so cowboy up were goin for a ride!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did You Not Know The Royal undergrounds Are Always Forbidden

Went for a ride on the Cadillac of Quad Runners
a 150km ride to be exact
The little buggy flies
0-90 km/hr in a heartbeat
There is something to be said about the fall time colors
when your cruising by at 80k
It kinda went like this
tree /tree/ tree/oooo pretty/tree/
bush / mud/ bump/tree /partridge/
puddle/tree/tree/ bear bait bucket/tree /rock
bump/bump/mud/tree/grass/dirt/rock and more trees
all in the span of about 4 seconds
Tamarack trees are my favorite this time of year
but after awhile my face was full of mud and
I couldn't see em anyway
but there bright orange and yellow with the fall colours
Now the reason I was cruising so far at such a pace
is the P-bear shot yet another moose
apparently he is the only one outta the party
that actually fires his gun
Anyway he got his bull with cousin Jay who also took shots this year
40km up the pipeline there parked waiting for me(quad)
The pipeline entrance is 10km from camp
just to give you an idea it's 50km from where I was with the quad
to where my services were needed, well actually the quads services were needed
P-bear and Jay shot the bull about 160m from the road through a valley on top of a hill
We spent the next several hours pullin and swearing getting the moose to the truck.
Now besides the fact I forgot my camera at home and it's lots of work pulling the moose out
I had a very good time out there
I feel refreshed and re-charged
I feel happy for P-bear for the braggin rights he now has
I feel like opening weekend was a great success
I came back to town and had a wonderful turkey Day
spent sometime with Ms Doodle and some friends
I just wonder if one day
she'll let me buy a quad?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Being Cool Is Safe and Being Safe is Cool

Probably one of the most bizzarre and brutal short films I have seen!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Long days turn into long nights
witch I might also add turns into early mornings
I like my second job and it helps out alot'
I also like my day jobs hours
and as of late I have kinda grown more fond of the day job
I so wanted to lose months ago
Ohhh it might be a passing phase but
where else can you hang out with good people where you enjoy there company 9-5
and rats in the same building during the same hours
someone told my boss that I allegedly won the contest
and I got shit!
I hope whoever it was feels good about it
cause Im still gonna spend it on Ms Doodle!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumkin Pie Season

September flew by
October is slipping away
got lots on the go for the next bit
Starting with the Hollywood hunting trip this weekend
I don't even care if we see a moose I just wanna get out there!
enjoy the outdoors
Looking forward to Thanksgiving diner when I get back
maybe they will have pumpkin pie?
The furnace is looking forward to A much needed tune up on the 15th
MRI for my ongoing bunk neck dilemma on the 17th
Ms Doodle and I....Together for a year Oct 19th
Gonna do something fun that day, something special perhaps
just for being great and putting up with my shiznit for the past year
I have a few ideas but I'm not sure what were doin besides a great dinner

In other news I just won the hundred bucks so
i forgot where I was going with this post
and I'm on my way to collect
Ladies and gentleman
The man has left the building!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Packin My Bags For The Misty Mountain

Watched the election debate last night
I am still unsure on who I'm voting for
one thing for sure tho like ms doodle says
at least I should vote where it will count
like not for the bloq quebecquois or liberals
so I guess its between the NDP and The Conservatives and The Greens
Although I don't care for our NDP guy Bruce Hyer
Jack Layton is a bulldog that is pretty straight forward
The green party for our riding (Brenden) has some good points
specially for students and I really liked there leader Elizabeth May
That's where I sit to for now to make a long story short
I'm gonna do a little research on the party's for our area so
it might change ......
The point is YOU should vote and at least make it an informed decision

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cause You Know Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings

I have literally been every caller but caller #9 to win the cash this week
maybe just maybe I could be #9 today..........

Speaking of calling people
there are a few peeps out there
who may have broken fingers
poker season is slowly approaching
let it be known that I left messages(plural)
to see what's up and to maybe get a game together
no call backs
I guess the old crowd is not interested.
I think there scared!
I been doing some thinking again
I have alot of people I don't ever interact with
on my friends list in fact I'm not even sure I know
lots of the people that added me
I'm getting bored with it
then again it is a good tool.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thunder Bay At It's Finest!

On today's front page there were 2 articles
How our retarded city council delayed a new 6ooo sq ft(est) shopping
center to be built(delayed for three months) so they can look into other people or options for the vacant land They want to give local investors a chance blah blah blah
translation= nothing is gonna happen!
look how much of a fight the flying J had to go through just to open up here
I seriously doubt that this investor will stick around for our city council
to pull the old political thumb outta there asses
I really wish they would let some new developments
develop, rebuild and attract tourists to this dying city
Article two was about the population of Thunder Bay Dwindling
it said 4331 people packed there bags and skipped town last year
Sure some moved to Thunder Bay As well, but I'm sure they will leave too
as soon as school is done or they figure out that a monkey could run the city better
Now how many jobs do you think woulda came out of the new shopping area
construction and retail??
How many tourist dollars could we draw in from Minnesota?
Once again this is Thunder Bay at it's finest!

Boats And Hoe's

Winter approaching
The most expensive time of year
The furnace will fire up again
Poker games will fire up again
Ski hills will fire up again
Snow machines will fire up again
Christmas trees will fire up again(hopefully not in the house)
Kinda depressing really
Summer was here and gone
on that note
I had an excellent summer full of travel and fun
there's a few minor things left undone
I woulda liked to get out fishing more
and get the rest of the house trim painted
Now I look forward to the second Winter
with my Sweet T
Full of winter projects, cooking shows
pesty la rue's and boats and hoe's

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing Days

While listening, trying and trying to win the cash on the radio
This morning I heard Led Zeppelin is planning on touring in 2009
with little Bonham on drums and some back-up singers
I know someone in a hat that would love to go
I know someone writing this post would love to go
Who wouldn't love to go?
even if it's copious amounts of money
I just hope they land in our country somewhere
Led Zeppelin , my sweet T and Vancouver
Now that's Bon C'est Bon!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is Everybody Gone Crazy?

If I wrote a book witch has been on my brain for awhile
I came up with a title
"Schlepp Luck"
One man's story,
life in my shoes,
In's and outs of life,
A story about a man and his jolly ranchers....
not sure what the subtitle would be but
I googled the main title and it's available
It would be a book about my life experiences
A dark cloud paperback novel of sorts
Course Ms doodle would have to proof read it for me
She told me a little secret
kinda like blogging the more personal it gets
the more of an audience it builds
face it people like to gossip
not that I think I'm famous but
I wonder if it would sell.......

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Pink Houses

You ever drop your steel toe boot on your not so steel toe?
You ever come to work to take a rest?
Well don't drop your boot on your toe
while getting ready for work
It makes for a shitty day!

Friday, September 19, 2008

When Hollywood Runs Out Of Indians

My horoscope told me today
I could suffer from a metaphysical crisis.
WTF is that you ask
Well I asked the same thing
Also I asked Who writes this shit
I wish it would have said your financial crisis is over
Call now, take the day off or your worries are over

Two weeks ago I won the hundred bucks
Today I can win again (stupid rules)
She will be good to me sometime soon
I can feel it
House needs some money spent on it
pre winter check up for the furnace
clean out the drain that goes to the street
Mr rotorouter dude is coming Monday for that

The garden turned out to be more of a success then the original plan
we ended up with quite a bit of tomato's and hot (supposed to be sweet) peppers
peas and beans too
Knowing what I know now
I wish we could start the summer over and grow baby grow!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Forget About It

It's a pleasure to be here
not where I sit at work but here on blogger
Still tryin to sell my dishwasher
took $100 off the asking price and still no dice
We as you may or may not know Got 5 new fish for our tank
We named all our fish after mobsters
They are all Cichlids:

Micki Blue eyes

Tony Soprano

Joe Pesci
Tony and Joe they look the same however Tony's bigger and joe's meaner
Tony= big and Joe= pest
And the plecko or the sucker fish is
J Edger Hoover Im not a detective here but if Hoover dies
Im guessing it was a mobster

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Tragically Hip - Fiddlers Green

It's been done before, Perhaps about a year ago Here's a sad song on such a nice day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Hand News

Just a quick little piece of info you all should know
When using spray foam in a can
Use Gloves!
I have had this shit on my hands for three days now
It will not come off, I tried lots of cleaners, chemicals
peeling and scratching of the skin.
Did I tell ya to use gloves?
Now I know and you do too!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh summer

worlds largest truck Guess where it is!

Lake Louise Tourist trap

Ferry's Are Cool! (The Boats)

My love picking Cherry's

The Royal Tyrell Museum
Yup We Were there on the set of Corner gas!
They were filming down the road so this is the pics
we could snap!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Madness Fills My Heart And Soul As If The Great Divide Could Swallow Me Whole

Well good day all
I had an extend-a-weekend
unplanned but it worked out well

Couple of things
I know I said I would post some pics of the August vacation
There coming just like Christmas

Whiskey should only be drank in whiskey season
Clearly Sunday nights in September are not the season
You could ask Ralph or Mr 2 day hangover

The piggies are going to the chop shop this weekend
Every other weekend is booked and busy
not just for us but for Mr Choppy

Next weekend is moving weekend for my Mom
That should be interesting

where the Fuck did September Go?
Someone please...... be kind rewind!

It's time to put the roof back on the Jeep
tis dark til 8am and a little cool in the mornings

Friday, September 5, 2008

Could I Have Been Anyone Other Then Me?

It's 7am and I been trying to win this g'dam radio contest
Took a while, like 3 days for me to get through
It's 7am and I am now one hundred dollars richer
Time to take Ms doodle to the Prospector for supper
That should be a good Friday night
Sing and Dance La La la Hey La la la hey la la
Have a Good Weekend all!

Post script - I never replied or heard back from wacko dishwasher dude
but if you think of something clever to send him let me know
maybe we could have fun with this.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ohh I'm Feelin Fine Mama, Naked Ladies And A Bottle Of Wine Mama

So as you may or may not know, I'm selling a dishwasher
This is the strangest email request I have seen
let alone be addressed to me verbatim:

Good day sean.............i am very sorry for replying you lately it is due to business. i think i can count on you...am okay with your price,since you will be honest to me to let you know i got a local shipper that will be coming to make the pick_up at your door post as soon as you got the payment..for the payment to be mail out..i will like to have your full details for the payment?such as your
the cost of the item.............
full name..............
street address.............
postal code ................
and your contact phone number...............
thats all what my bank request for..as soon as all this is been provided your payment will be out immediatly cus i will not want any delay in this transaction..hope to hear from you in good faith.God Bless You as you do soo..thanks bill alexander............reply asasssp..........
Alexander Bill

So I did reply, cause Asking for my postal code and my state does not add up!

Hi There
I just want to clarify a couple of things before I give you my information
I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario ,Canada
I was wondering if the shipper you have will pick it up here
what is the name of the shipping company and where is it being shipped?
Is it possible to send the certified cheque to the shipping company and they can pay me upon pick up?
My asking price is $250CDN for the dishwasher and you pay the shipping
Let me know.....
thanks Sean

It gets better This morning I get this:

i wiil be the one to pay my shipper.dont bother........
send the info..reply back
Alexander Bill

So as I was saying I have a dishwasher for sale
It's nice and All I wanna do is sell it
one thing for sure this weirdo certainly is not getting it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I've Become, The Simple Souvenir Of Someone's Guilt

Not dead
I meant to upload all my pics from the vacation this weekend
It never happened
Got lots done but that was not one of em
Don't give up on me, It's well worth the look
I'm also selling a dishwasher if your interested
Soon to be selling a fridge and stove too
Man I'm a busy kid
So listen to this it will keep you entertained!
back Soon!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

By The Time I Saw Your Flame It Was Over For You and What's His Name

My two favorite days of the week are
Thursday and Friday
Thursday cause it's payday and Friday cause it's Friday!
Ms Doodle and I are gonna play on Friday Night
Tonight is a "work night" so I need to get psyched
last one this week then I'm off for a few
by that I mean 2 working days till Monday and it starts again
So I'm gonna lay it on the line..
Dear Someone up there
Could I please win a small lottery prize
so I could pay off my debts and actually do stuff I enjoy doin?
I'm not greedy Just enough to coast for a bit would be awesome

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Paddle

Sometimes a good thing turns around and bites you in the ass
The problem with that is the thing is still good
but the pain is still there!
My night job changed the hours I work
I like my night job but I don't like stayin up late
3 nights a week till 1 in the morning
specially when I work my day job in the am'
that's 6:30am every freakin weekday
Stuff around the house starts slippin
It's a good thing ms Doodle takes care of me
or I would be up shit creek
of course it is still possible.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Mind Doesn't Work So Bad, But I Am A Poor Exterminator

Thought I was dead? sorry to disappoint ya
Just got back from a little cross country wing ding
5 provinces and 2 states 2 hotel rooms
over 7oookm put on the tardis mobile
over 200 tent peg holes across the country
100% fun fun fun
I guess there comes a time when the party's over
I'm sad cause that time for me is now
Pictures to follow!

Monday, July 28, 2008

This Worlds a Rollercoaster And Im Not strapped In

Good morning
Saw the movie "Get Smart" this weekend
We went to the cheap seats at the old Cumberland cinema
we arrived on time and ended up being late due to the fact
the theatre does not accept debt cards
cash on the dash only and dash we did
right to the bank machine and back
The movie reminded me of a cross between the
Pink Panther and Naked gun
twas funny and an enjoyable evening

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sing Another Prarie Tune

Somebody told me to read the obituary's today.
I said why
He said that maybe you'll know someone, maybe one of your friends could be in there
also he said one day you'll be in there
I told him I would look I did I did not know anyone(this is a good thing)
then I told him I'm gonna live forever cause only the good die young!
and we laughed......but I was serious
Have a Good Weekend!
PS- Name the movie the wallet at the top is from and There's a free air guitar in it for you

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Fallin Like space Junk

Good to know since we are camping in BC this summer
That's right SeAn And Teri Coming to A beer tent near you!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In some Respects, I Suspect You've Got A Respectable Side

The road trip is coming fast and furious
Lots to do before departure
during my tour to pick up Ms doodle
I am in need of some soul searching
Lots to think about
ya know the questions like
What are you gonna do with your job situation?
my opinion changes daily on that question
I have 729 days (from today)
till I been here or more importantly
paid into the pension board for ten years
The magic of ten is something to hold out for
except for the fact I work for a bunch of turkeys
The job is good the department is a gong show.
Then there's questions like
What are you gonna do if you quit?
move, not likely
work 2 or 3 part time jobs?
take up juggling?
One things for sure I won't be as financially able
but I'll be alot happier
there's also questions or possibilities like
What happens if the turkeys I work for get fired?
If I'm still here it would be the happiest day in casino history !!
If I'm not here then it's like shooting myself in the foot
because I actually like the job and people here most of em
seriously tho that is not likely
So I'm gonna ride the wave for a bit and
who knows what August will bring
but I tell ya if I'm gone and the place gets blow'd up
I won't be as sad as the storm trooper

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Plan To Elucidate The Meaning Of The Song. 

This is a 1950's menu
The fine print is hilarious
I would order a Bacon Tomato sandwich and a shake
It would cost a grand total of $0.75 + tip
Today you can't even get the straw for that price

Monday, July 21, 2008

Came Dancing Across The Water

Weekend was fantastic and also took it's toll
Dragon boats and beer
My competitive team came 7th out of 47 teams
That wins you a kick ass medal
The women's team I was steering for came 42 out of 47
they are all beginners but had a blast splashing around
Nervously I successfully guided their vessel for three races
and I got a promotion
next year I am the competitive teams steersperson
Ms doodle took lot's of pics and as soon as I get my hands on em
I will show ya'all what you missed!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rougher Then A Pornstars Crotch

I woulda liked to film the fish we caught but there were none!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Packing Is A Secret Art

so much going on
only so much time
blog has been neglected
I know
been soul searching
well mostly dreaming
check out Dark Island castle

What's going on ......

Dragon Boats this weekend
Always a riot no matter the weather
gonna have some photos for sure

I was trying to continue my Lake Superior spiel
including Silver Islet that we were visiting this past weekend
It was truthfully just turning into a history lesson
but expect some kinda post on that sometime soon
I'm three for three in getting skunked out fishing
on Superior
this last Saturday was really bouncy out there
so at least there was some excitement !!

I have some video I'm gonna post when I get a chance No fish were harmed or caught during the making of the video

Friday, July 11, 2008

Frustration Corner

Summer Weather and gas prices are alike
you can complain about em
but were all in the same boat
As we get
what we get
were getting ripped off.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Words I carry In My Heart

One little interesting spot in or on lake Superior is
Ms Doodle and I one day are gonna take the trip
do some kayaking at the Apostle islands and Sea caves
(Pictured above)
Apparently Bayfield is a short drive from
Superior WI and It looks like a cool little town
with lots to do depending on the time of year!

Rock On Wonton!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Dinner's On Fire While She Watches TV

Continuing with my little spiel about Lake Superior
We went to Silver Harbour(pictured above) for a little stroll around
It's one of my favorite places to go and relax, think or smoke a Joint
It was nice out that day so it was crowded with campers and boaters
but it is still a neat little retreat!
The waves were rolling in and splashing against the rocks
with a view and a half of the lake on a sunny day, All we were missing was this!
The Boston whaler
AKA the Unsinkable boat and to me that means alot out on the Gitche gumee
We saw a guy and his two buddy's howl out from silver harbour in a nice size boat he got about 50 feet and there outboard motor died
they fiddled and bounced around out there for a good 5 minutes
then he got it going and carried on
Call me crazy but I think you want to make sure your O/B works before you go play in meter and a half waves......just sayin!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bloody Well Right

Spent quite a bit of time in my life
out on the big lake that sits at our doorstep
recently I have become more intrigued on
the facts and figures of Lake superior
I spent a few hours out on the lake
Monday morning and Saturday morning
as we attempted to catch the elusive salmon
I sat there and thought we are lucky to have such
a famous and massive body of water a stones throw away
Outside the break wall rollers coming in
about a mile out there was a salty
a huge boat anchored and sitting idle
Anyhoo the cool part was we took a cruise around the ship
just to check it out and the crew was painting the booms of the cranes
out in the middle of the lake
I had a vision where if a guy painting fell it would be a helluva ride
off the crane then down another 30-40ft to the frigid lake
then how do you get back on the ship?
cold and wet maybe a little hurt
Then I started thinking I would like to go for a little ride on
one of these lake ships maybe from here to Sault Ste Marie or something
It would be fun but not for a living
then I saw this.......

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Beautiful Thing

Well to tell you the truth I guess post number 300
was supposed to be more exciting then this however
this is it.....this is it ahhhhh prime time deliverance
Five days off and it went by like that
Camping was fantastic despite a weather concern like rain
We never got to the island because someone else beat us there
but camping on the main land was ummmm AOK
Collected driftwood via canoe to get our campfire goin
beers cold and the fire was goin
As promised Steak and eggs were on the menu
or on the grill so to speak, nothing like open flame cookin
I also did not do my Canada day question this year :(
usually I will ask the question and post a photo of some sexy Canadian bikini
Truth is we have been busy kids and I missed the window.
Went salmon fishing for a few hours on lake superior Monday morning
got skunked but it was fun no less
During my five days off I also felt a little guilty not bloggin
then today I was like I should write something meaningless or not

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Motivated By The Lack Of Doubt

moods change with the weather
moods change even if the weather doesn't
however Teal and myself are going camping
tomorrow come hell or high water
the gear for the PTT is almost together
I'm off work tomorrow to load the jeep up.
All the riggin we need to live on an island packed into a jeep then a canoe
this will for sure change my mood raining or not!
like shit eating grin change my mood!
Gonna build a little tarped area so if the weather sucks
we can still bubble up outside and enjoy the fire cooked steaks
All you city folks can think of us cause were gonna have our own island
for the whole weekend unless smokey the bear says otherwise
Have a Good Weekend and I love summer!