Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Did You Not Know The Royal undergrounds Are Always Forbidden

Went for a ride on the Cadillac of Quad Runners
a 150km ride to be exact
The little buggy flies
0-90 km/hr in a heartbeat
There is something to be said about the fall time colors
when your cruising by at 80k
It kinda went like this
tree /tree/ tree/oooo pretty/tree/
bush / mud/ bump/tree /partridge/
puddle/tree/tree/ bear bait bucket/tree /rock
bump/bump/mud/tree/grass/dirt/rock and more trees
all in the span of about 4 seconds
Tamarack trees are my favorite this time of year
but after awhile my face was full of mud and
I couldn't see em anyway
but there bright orange and yellow with the fall colours
Now the reason I was cruising so far at such a pace
is the P-bear shot yet another moose
apparently he is the only one outta the party
that actually fires his gun
Anyway he got his bull with cousin Jay who also took shots this year
40km up the pipeline there parked waiting for me(quad)
The pipeline entrance is 10km from camp
just to give you an idea it's 50km from where I was with the quad
to where my services were needed, well actually the quads services were needed
P-bear and Jay shot the bull about 160m from the road through a valley on top of a hill
We spent the next several hours pullin and swearing getting the moose to the truck.
Now besides the fact I forgot my camera at home and it's lots of work pulling the moose out
I had a very good time out there
I feel refreshed and re-charged
I feel happy for P-bear for the braggin rights he now has
I feel like opening weekend was a great success
I came back to town and had a wonderful turkey Day
spent sometime with Ms Doodle and some friends
I just wonder if one day
she'll let me buy a quad?

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Teri said...

sure you can buy a quad--as long as it's pink.