Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting Crazy With The Cheese Whiz

Things are so so
Same shit from day to day
Were gonna try some new stuff
Now I know you were thinking
Cheese whiz , ms doodle and I where's this going?
Boyfriend Intuition says this is no good so I will stop there.

We had our first anniversary together on Sunday
Hard to believe how fast time flies when your having fun
We Went to the Thunder Bay lookout
I never been there before, it was pretty high and windy
The view spectacular as it was coulda been better
but because of the fog it was limited
Anyhoo another boyfriend intuition moment says
don't try to get her to come out to the end of the lookout
with you if she's scared of heights and your bouncing around.
I love her and Were still dating

Ok back to the new stuff
I emailed the college today to find out about
the Purchasing course, I been talkin about taking
for the last 6 years
If all goes well I will wrap up my 639 days left here
and graduate from that course at the same time!
Out with the old... In with the new!
I also thought about taking a multimedia course
I do have a face for radio so that would work
and it would be soooooo fun however
The deciding factor was the fact that purchasers make more
cashola then radio personalities
In my 32 years here I learned Fun does not pay the bills.
The next step is talk to the bank
I wanna up my RRSP payment due tho the fact I have two jobs now
It will help come tax time
Also cause I am gonna need cash
for: tuition
a newer vehicle and more cheese whiz!

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