Friday, October 3, 2008

I'm Packin My Bags For The Misty Mountain

Watched the election debate last night
I am still unsure on who I'm voting for
one thing for sure tho like ms doodle says
at least I should vote where it will count
like not for the bloq quebecquois or liberals
so I guess its between the NDP and The Conservatives and The Greens
Although I don't care for our NDP guy Bruce Hyer
Jack Layton is a bulldog that is pretty straight forward
The green party for our riding (Brenden) has some good points
specially for students and I really liked there leader Elizabeth May
That's where I sit to for now to make a long story short
I'm gonna do a little research on the party's for our area so
it might change ......
The point is YOU should vote and at least make it an informed decision

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