Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Added Flour Weight

Time and time again I have heard the same thing
Time and time again people have said
things like
"my mom's perogies are the best"
" my grandma makes the best perogies"
" I make perogies and there the best"
" the secret to great perogies is the dough"
"old chedder cheese makes the best perogies"
I'm a fan of good old perogies but really what makes em the best?
now I can tell you if they don't fall apart and there cheesy then there's
nothing wrong with em
Basically there is the same ingredients in every persons perogie
Little variations here and there
but you get what I mean
There is also sauerkraut perogies and too this day I have only
had one version of these beauty's and personally I do like em better!
I have also heard of blueberry perogies with a sugar sauce
never had em but I know they exist
Perogies are alot of work
Anyway you cut em there a tonne of work
God knows what you have to do to make em" the best ."

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Have not been here in awhile so an update
Well I made it, surgery went well!
I would be lying if I said it was not painful.
probably the worst pain I have experienced
Good thing for morphine anyhoo now I am doin awesome
and getting better every day
Bordem is actually gonna kill me I think
strapped to a mini IV machine at home here for 5 more weeks
Ms doodle has been a lifesaver through this whole ordeal

Christmas was very good We had a kick ass dinner
Prime rib with all the fixins
Prepared by my Mom here at our house
I have enjoyed alot of time here at home
company popping in and out
but like i said the bordem aka these four walls are killing me
The funny thing is I really have no where to go but the fact
I can't go anywhere because of my no riding in vehicle rule
is getting to me
to and from hospital only Dr's orders
So what am I doin
well becoming a nosey neighbour, watching the tube, surfin the net,sleeping alot
and going for short walks is OK too but my neck gets sore if I have to
support it on it's own for too long
I have a nurse that comes to the house once a day to change bandages ect
other then that its these four walls
Got a Tom Petty rockumentory for Christmas
four hours of how he started and how he got to where he is
I really enjoyed the video not to mention all the cool tunes
so in the words of Tom
and fitting to my current situation
The waiting is the hardest part.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Eyeballs Deep In Muddy Water

As you may or may not know
I am slated for emergency neck surgery
One way to fast track your self through the system
is to have a extreme injury or a non specific injury
I would rather have to wait three years and have a plain old surgery
that's just me but this is not the case here however
My Doctor is awesome and in it's own little way
it kinda eases my mind that He is really good at what he does
My mind has been one hundred different places every minute since Friday
Ms Doodle is very understanding even when
I'm like Oscar the grouch, a space cadet and a happy guy all rolled into one.
For that I'm thankful......of course my family for always being there or via telephone
I wish work was more understanding but according to my doctor I have nothing more important
in my life right now then this surgery
So I gotta do what I gotta do and if the shit hits the fan
at least I will be around for the mess.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's No Sense In Pretending, Your Eyes Give You Away

If I lift up my jeep to look like the one in the picture
Ms Doodle says she won't ride with me
I think she's bluffing
it all started when a big red neck lookin truck
was outside our place and plowing the neighbours driveway
Out the window I was like "look at the nice truck"
She was like " your such a hick"
seriously tho look it is a nice truck
then she's like "you have a new jeep whats with the truck envy?"
I'm like "true maybe I'll lift that"
she's like " I won't ride with you"
so i started with the
"It is a much safer when your big on the road story"
she didn't buy it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I went to a friend of a friends garage
the place was bigger then most single family houses
I think he said it was 40' X 60' with 24' ceilings
A huge heavy equipment shop with all the bells and whistles
Now granted that would be a bit overkill for a guy like me
however I think I would be alot more productive with the
things that always need fixing if I had a garage
check that a garage with heat I mean
Now I'm not greedy....enough room for the jeep or the Tardis
and room to work plus a little storage space is
all I ask for

Simple in my brain except for the fact of the $30,000
building cost that comes with it.
Sometimes I wonder how people acquire all this stuff
or where they plant the money tree!

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm dabbling in the world of acoustic guitar
O don't get me wrong I have no idea how to play
Internet videos and some practice should serve me well
One more thing that's been a good idea is do it when Ms Doodle is not home!

I got a little of the Christmas shopping done this past weekend
When I say a little I mean one gift
there is a few more people on the list tho
a few more people out there that I have no clue what to get for em
I got some time and some time off from work coming up
so this should not be a problem.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sunshine Of Your Love

Today is Ms Doodle's Birthday
We have grown a year older together
and I love everything about that!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Short Wave Radio

I did a self help test to see if I'm burnt out
If your bored you can try it free here
My score was 40 = Borderline burnout
People wonder why I drink beer!

In other news the Sean Avery
stunt was Hilar , it proves people out there can't take a joke.
He wanted to get the Flames wound up
so they would be off there game
Dallas actually won the game
but it backfired for him
now he's suspended
I thought it was pretty ballzee
on his behalf
You can watch the clip here

Monday, December 1, 2008

But If He Comes Back Again, Tell him To Wait Right Here For Me Or Just Try Again Tomorrow.....

If you ever go to the movies
and freeze your ass off while watching the film
You can complain and get free passes

Ms Doodle and I saw James bond on the weekend
A Fantastic action packed movie
except we were watching it with toques and mitts on
Shakin not stirred
Someone somewhere really fucked up on the temp setting
so we and two other couples complained and scored free passes!
On the bright side tho the pop stayed cold!